New York, NY- What if your estranged spouse split and you want a divorce, but you can’t find them? What would you do? How would you serve them with the divorce papers if they can’t be located?

Well, one New York woman had the idea to use Facebook, one of her only means to contact her estranged husband. And a New York Judge gave her permission to serve her ex via the social media website.

ABC reports that Ellanora Baidoo, who lives in Brooklyn, married her husband in a civil ceremony in 2009 with the promise that the couple would soon have a traditional Ghanaian wedding. That was a very important to Baidoo since she and her husband are natives of Ghana, but he never lived up to that obligation and the couple eventually spilt.

Baidoo never lived with her husband and has no address for him even though she hired a private investigator to hunt her down, according to Her only means of contact is a telephone number and a Facebook, and with no physical address it is impossible for her to serve him with divorce papers. Thus making it impossible for her to divorce.

The judge ordered Baidoo to send the divorce papers over Facebook once a week for the next three weeks, according to the New York Daily News which broke the story.

Baidoo’s Attorney Andrew Spinnell says this is likely a first for the state of New York. There is also a chance that judges in different states will follow suit.

It may surprise people to know that Baidoo’s situation is not all that unusual. There are plenty of spouses who can’t be found or refuse to acknowledge or sign divorce papers. Luckily, there are specific laws in place to deal with situations like this one and this is also happens to be a situation that requires the expertise of a New York divorce law firm.

Situations in which spouses cannot be located is a process that takes time. There are deadlines to meet and paperwork to be done. Each state has their own process for such situations so when someone finds themselves in this predicament they should consult with one of the divorce attorneys at USAttorneys. In some states your divorce can proceed uncontested or through a default judgment.

Getting a divorce from an absent spouse can be a complicated and time consuming. Division of property and child custody is handled differently when a divorce is uncontested or handled by default judgement. You must also show that you made a concerted effort to contact your estranged spouse and serve them with divorce papers.

Divorce is always complicated on many levels and the process can be mind-boggling with especially when circumstances like an absent spouse exit. You won’t have to struggle with the process if you retain a qualified divorce attorney to do the hard work for you. Contact an attorney today to discuss what you can expect from your divorce.