When the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ was released last year, investment bankers in America were quick to trash it for the over-hyped and much embellished lifestyle that the movie shows. Not only that, many people just watched Wall Street II and were satisfied with that. On top of this, many people know Leonardo DiCaprio as being anti-business so the credibility of the “The Wolf..” was hurt right there.

But a nasty divorce that features a top investment banker from New York and his estranged wife has brought out murky details that mirror the movie life shown by Martin Scorsese surprisingly closely.

The investment banker in this case is Sage Kelly who reportedly earns $7 million a year at NY’s Jefferies and Company. His wife, Christina Di Mauro Kelly has filed for divorce from the wealthy Wall Street banker, and alleged many outrageous acts in her divorce filings.

Life with Husband a Drug Fest

In her affidavit, Christina claims that the last 12 years of marriage with Sage have been a non-stop “drug fest” replete with rampant use of cocaine, heroin, Molly, Ketamine, ecstasy, and an amazing amount of alcohol. In fact, Christiana says, that her husband was one of the high-end clients of a special drug dealer in the city who only worked for select clients who would often purchase generous amounts of illegal drugs.

The pair have two children, aged 10 and six. Christiana’s affidavit also alleges that Sage would use drugs like cocaine and Molly regularly in the pair’s Manhattan home even when their children were around. She confesses to having used the drugs herself as well around the children, saying that it was all a part of the lifestyle with Sage. The banker, according to the statements from his wife, would store the drugs in ‘bags’ or ‘squirt bottles’ that were designed to look like a normal nasal spray but actually contained a vaporized form of the drug.

A Hardcore Drug Consumer

Christina also claims that once in 2011, Sage organized a ‘magic mushroom’ party at their house in Sag Harbor. At the party, Sage is supposed to have consumed so many of the mushrooms that his wife and others had to hide the hallucinogenics from him in a bag. But this did not deter Sage as he went in search of the bag and hurt himself in the process.

According to Sage Kelly’s wife, he consumes cocaine when his children are around.

5 Clients have Departed from Jefferies

Jefferies and Company has and will feel the economic impact as well. According to Fox Business’s Charlie Gasparino, they are down at least 5 clients. Why invest with a company that employs such a person? After all, some of the money you are paying this firm may go to organized crime. This could affect the morality clause this company has with some of its clients.

Breaking the Silence

Christina also talks about a time when Sage did Ketamine and was so depressed that he demanded to cuddle up with the couple’s daughter for a long time. This caused the then 3-year old child to start having palpable fears about her father’s behavior. Christiana’s affidavit also contains visual evidence of Sage’s outrageous and wild behavior. There is a picture of a giant mound of cocaine that she claims her husband and his friends snorted during a party at the couple’s apartment; and this when the two children were at home.

There is a lot that Christiana Kelly’s divorce papers detail about her soon to be ex-husbands lifestyle and she hasn’t hesitated to name NY’s biggest names in her affidavit who she claims did the drugs along with her husband. Sage Kelly’s divorce attorneys have summarily rubbished all the allegations saying that Christiana is only painting a story for her own benefit.

What does the child say about her father? That is the person to ask in all of this.