The New York media reported on the sudden divorce of a New York Times writer and a hedge fund manager

Wealthy couple prepares for a divorce that is likely to get messy

The divorce papers were filed in the supreme court for Suffolk County, Long Island. The wife had initially received her copies of the documents from a process server in an airport in Idaho a few days before Christmas. One of her close friends told the New York Post that she was very hurt by this sudden decision, and does not understand why her husband would want to walk away, especially considering that she has been a great mother to their children

The husband’s family seemed to have a totally different tone. They said that they felt relieved after the news of their separation broke, and that their side of the family had merely tolerated her presence for years. 

The couple was together for approximately 18 years, but some who were familiar with them said that their separation was predictable. Apparently, the husband had given her an ultimatum early on in their marriage about having sex multiple times per week and not gaining any weight while they were married. Both attorneys for the couple did not comment on this verbal agreement, and the couple claims that no such conversation ever happened. 

Sources claimed that a few months before the divorce, the wife was isolated after contracting COVID-19, yet her husband used this time to begin an affair with another woman at their Idaho home. Lawyers for each member of the couple are also concerned that the divorce proceedings could be a disaster, as there was a poorly drafted prenuptial agreement that dictates the terms of the divorce. The lawyers believe that the agreement may be set aside as unconscionable. 

The couple already had an argument during their first divorce court hearing in New York regarding the husband’s whereabouts while his wife was quarantining. She apparently called him out on a lie that he was staying in New York rather than Idaho. 

The 73 year old husband is worth approximately $1 billion, and owns properties in the Hamptons and Idaho. He has three former wives and six other offspring from prior marriages. His 49 year old wife has written extensively about healthcare and beauty tips for looking young for the New York Times and other publishers. Large amounts of property and assets are usually associated with lengthy divorce battles. 

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