Disgraced television producer Harvey Weinstein is facing some property division issues related to his divorce as he is serving a 23 year sentence in a correctional facility in New York.

Weinstein’s wives maintain a great amount of control over his remaining assets

The two ex-wives of Weinstein had formerly secured an order that would freeze about $6 million worth of Weinstein’s assets, as much of the rest of his wealth is tied up in bankruptcy proceedings and other civil cases. 

Weinstein has multiple children with his former wives. He had two children with second wife Georgina Chapman and three with first wife Eve Chilton. It appears that some of the assets owned by Weinstein and these former wives may be liquidated to pay restitution to his victims. The attorneys for these women are in the process of negotiating. Some of their assets were also frozen to prevent them being sold or changed in any way during the court proceedings. This is a temporary freeze that will likely be lifted after all of the criminal proceedings are over. However, advocates for the victims were concerned that this may prevent them from receiving the justice owed to them. 

A spokesperson for Weinstein declined to give the specifics of his divorce settlements with his former wives, although it is likely that they received significant assets during the separation due to Weinstein’s high net worth. A source also told the news networks that as part of their settlement agreements, Weinstein’s ex-wives must approve of any financial transactions that he attempts to make, including those related to his legal representation. He is currently having issues filing an appeal for his conviction under New York law, as the women would essentially have to agree that the money could be spent on appellate attorneys and court fees.   

The spokesperson also said that Weinstein has still been following the news related to his cases and estate while he is in prison, and he is planning a defense against additional criminal charges. 

After being convicted of two different sex crimes in New York, he is still awaiting trial for similar accusations in Los Angeles. The additional charges carry a possibility of 29 years in prison under California law. 

Property disputes and divorce

When couples have obtained a large amount of wealth and significant property interests, their divorce cases can become very complex. This is especially true in long term marriages where these items and cash have been shared for years, and it may be difficult to determine what is marital property versus separate. 

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