A dispute over a child support case in New York involved a well known football player from the New York Giants. 

Football player and ex wife get into heated debate regarding child support and custody

Michael Strahan’s former wife filed a lawsuit in 2019 to try to get her child support amount increased, but Strahan claims that the amount he had been giving her had not changed since 2009 and always seemed to be sufficient. An attorney for his wife Jean said that she was financially affected by lawsuits from Strahan and stressed from the constant surveillance used against her during their dispute over the support amount. Strahan and Jean married back in 1999, then they filed for divorce after about seven years of marriage. 

Many of the details were revealed during a hearing in the Manhattan Supreme Court where Jean was attempting to get Strahan’s payments modified. In any child support case, there is usually a requirement to present some kind of changed circumstances to justify altering the total amount given each month. Jean’s attorney claims that Strahan is taking various measures to retaliate against her child for asking for more money. She further alleges that private investigators have been following Jean around night and day to try to make her look like a bad parent because Strahan is determined to avoid his obligations. 

Much of this alleged harassment happened in North Carolina and a second home in New York where Jean lives most of the time with the couple’s daughters, both age 15. Strahan did not attend the hearing personally because of his television commitments, but his attorney denied the allegations and said that they are irresponsible and false. Strahan’s lawyer also said that there was absolutely no proof that Jean was ever watched or subjected to constant surveillance. 

In addition to the child support amounts, Strahan had previously offered to pay college tuition for both of his daughters after they finished high school. His attorney claims that this was done purely in good faith. Courts in North Carolina also have an additional pending case related to the family’s shared parenting plan for custody and a financial dispute over expensive horse riding lessons. The judge assigned to that case had previously warned both parents to not go to the media and attempt to make the other side look bad. This warning was related to allegations from Strahan that his ex-wife was abusing his daughters both emotionally and physically. At the time of the news report the debate was still ongoing. 

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