New York, NY- The wife of an investment banker who accused her husband abusing drugs and engaging in foursomes has settled her divorce for a hefty and issued an apology for airing their dirty laundry in the press.

Christina Kelley can now put her long and ugly divorce behind her not that she and her estranged husband Sage have come to a financial agreement and will be sharing joint custody of their two daughters. As part of the agreement Christina Kelly will be paid

Along with announcing the settlement, Christina Kelly issued an apology for the negative publicity her estranged husband his employer was subjected to.

In her statement given to Bloomberg News, Christina Kelly said “A substantial portion of what has been written in the press and other media over the past few weeks is inaccurate, untrue or hyperbolic, and I apologize to those who have been affected thereby — including those at Jefferies and those associated with Jefferies.”

The accusations against her husband came to light when she filed a counter suit after her estranged husband was award primary custody of their two young daughters. In the affidavit, Christina Kelly, who now goes by her maiden name Di Mauro, gave a very detailed account of weekend she and her husband spent partying with the head Aegerion Pharmaceuticals and his girlfriend. She alleged that while the couple were partying in a hotel in Boston, they consumed copious amounts of cocaine and engaged in a foursome.

She also accused him of using other drugs and even once hosted a party where the Kellys and their guests consumed mushrooms. On top of his drug use, Christina Kelly said her husband was promiscuous and once had sex with a co-workers wife while her husband was passed out in another room, the Daily Mail reported.

Sage Kelly denied all of his wife’s allegations. While he admitted they used drugs socially, he said their lifestyle was a far cry from what his wife portrayed, calling the salacious accounts that spread across the internet lies.

As Christina Di Mauro, she initially lost custody of her daughters after a video surfaced of her using cocaine in her home. A DWI from 2010 also worked against her, but she ultimately prevailed.

Christina Di Mauro told the New York Post that her divorce wasn’t about money, it was about getting custody of her two daughters.

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