MIAMI, Florida. According to Forbes, divorce, especially for individuals with assets and high net worth, can be particularly challenging. All your money, assets, possessions, and even your family might be split during a divorce. Divorce, in itself, is emotionally taxing, but when you add to it the financial questions that can arise, it becomes easy to see why divorce is so dreaded and so difficult. According to Forbes, one woman has created a tool that makes it easier for individuals to organize their divorce documentation. The application provides a digital record where documents and information relevant to the divorce can be stored online. The tool is called, and it helps lawyers, divorcing individuals, and mediators collect all documents in one place, so that the divorce process can move along more smoothly.

In fact, one of the reasons why divorces get delayed is due to lost documents, misplaced documents, or disagreements about documents. To address this, some divorce lawyers and individuals have been using these products to better organize themselves and their clients. Some workplaces have even offered to pay for their employees to use the service because some companies were finding that employees were failing to be productive due to the fact that their divorce had become a kind of full time job.

In fact, divorce can have an impact on employee work performance. What should you do if you are going through a divorce when it comes to your job? According to Fast Company, it is important to tell your boss what’s going on. Divorce is a major life event and it will likely impact your work life. For example, you may need to request time off if you need to attend court dates, meet with your attorney, or resolve issues. You don’t need to go into the nasty details about why you split, but letting your boss know what’s going on is wise.

Another thing to consider is how your divorce will impact your pension plan. Your divorce can impact your former spouse’s coverage and his or her access to your retirement accounts or any life insurance policy you might have. If you plan to have full custody of the children, you’ll also need to figure out how childcare will work.

Divorce sets many moving parts into motion. There is the emotional reality that a significant relationship in your life has ended, but there is also the financial reality that you and your ex will no longer be a single household. This can have ramifications on your monthly costs, expenses, and on your assets. When going through your divorce, it is wise to take care of yourself. Take time to exercise, eat well, and meet with family and friends. Try to avoid letting your divorce obligations blend in with your work obligations. If you must handle divorce issues during the workday, take some time away from the office, or ask for a personal day.

At the end of the day, you can navigate the challenges of divorce. Sandy B. Becher, P.A., divorce lawyers in Miami, Florida, can help you stay organized and resolve the tough questions that may arise. Protect your rights. Visit our firm at today.

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