Kansas City, MO – Recent research supports parents who share custody of their kids during a divorce.

The Tribune News Service reports that both mom and dad are equally important factors for preserving the happiness and health of children caught in the middle of divorce.

According to Linda Nielsen, an adolescent and educational psychology professor at Wake Forest, shared parenting needs to be what is considered “normal” for both parents and kids of all ages – even during a divorce.

While this may seem obvious to some, statistics show that in over 80 percent of court-ordered child custody cases, mothers are still awarded full custody of children.

More often than not, it has been believed by judges that conflict between divorcing parents will cause too much stress for kids. Their argument for avoiding shared parenting plans is that it places children in the middle of disagreements and puts added pressure on them to choose sides. Because of this reasoning, they believe it is better to put the children in the mother’s home for stability and to let the father parent one night a week.

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However, Nielsen has a new idea behind this concept. After studying father-daughter bonds for over 25 years, she has come to the conclusion that “the role of conflict has too often been exaggerated” and shouldn’t be a main deciding factor in decisions when it comes to child custody cases.

In fact, Nielsen further argues that the concept of conflict during divorce oftentimes get taken advantage of by parents looking to exaggerate conflict to win sole custody. She further argues that while conflict usually tides over after the first few years of separation, custody choices can affect a child for the rest of their life.

Further support for shared child custody arrangements comes from Dr. Ned Holstein, founder of the National Parents Organization, who says that children in custody arrangements “do considerably better on every measure.” This includes being successful in school to having a lower rate of drug use.

Holstein pointed out that in the past year, Missouri has passed “excellent shared parenting legislation.”

Going through a divorce is difficult, especially when you have children to take into consideration. These are different types of custody options when going through a divorce:

What Is Joint Custody?

When parents share equal physical custody rights and legal custody. Both parents equally take part in decisions regarding their children’s welfare, upbringing, and where their child will live.

What Is the Difference Between Joint Legal Custody and Joint Physical Custody?

Joint legal custody means that the parents will work together to figure out an arrangement for their child’s upbringing and welfare, whereas joint physical custody means both parents have the right to figure out where their child will live.

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