A new lawsuit has emerged in the ongoing divorce battle and the legality of the marriage of pop star Iggy Azalea and Maurice Williams, a former rap producer.

Williams apparently has a long criminal history. He was accused of beating up the mother of one of his children. Williams’ divorce attorneys claim that in 2014 his bond was revoked by one of the bondsmen associated with the assault. They believe that they were doing this since Williams was trying to divorce Azalea.

Divorce attorney for Williams said that they had filed a lawsuit against several bail bond companies. Meanwhile in the divorce battle, the question of whether the couple was ever married by common law remains unsolved.  Williams insists that they were married in Texas where he met Azalea who had moved in from Australia in 2008, according to an interview given to Eyewitness News.

Enzo Weinberg is the new legal name of Williams. Azalea has said in her court filings that they were not married by common law.

Terrell Suggs Charged with Adultery

Candace Suggs has accused her husband, Terrell Suggs, the outside linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, of committing adultery, a charge which he has denied. Candace has not forgiven him for the adultery and has not condoned it, according to the divorce documents filed in Baltimore County Circuit Court by her divorce attorneys.

She is seeking spousal and child support for the couple’s two children, aged 6 and 7. She also wants full custody of the children, according to the documents.

Divorce attorney for Terrell denied the charges and said that he was always faithful throughout their marriage. He claims to have started another relationship only after the couple separated a year back, according to the attorney.

Video Clip Played during Trial to Show Rabbi Epstein was a Criminal

The trial to decide the fate of Rabbi Mendel Epstein who has been accused of kidnapping Jewish husbands unwilling to grant the get is underway. Some people are wondering if they are going to give him a medal for his wonderful services?

He was caught by undercover FBI agents who posed as brother and sister, wanting to force the sister’s husband to grant the get. A video clip was played during the opening statements of the trial, which proves the Rabbi is a criminal, according to the prosecutors. In the video, Rabbi is heard telling the FBI agents that he would kidnap the husband for a couple of hours. Good for him; the government did nothing for these wives.

The Rabbi’s son David Epstein, Jay Goldstein, and Binyamin Stimler are also named as defendants in this case and Epstein is charged attempted kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Attorney for the Rabbi said that Mendel was a champion of women’s rights and was not a criminal. He was merely helping Jewish women to obtain the get.

The husbands should have cooperated

Handcuffs, cattle prods, and other brutal tools and methods were used by the Rabbi and his team to torture the husbands, according to prosecutors. They allege that the team had even brought surgical blades and ropes to the staged kidnapping in 2013.

Mendel was marvelous at convincing husbands to grant the get, and may have broken a few laws, but did not resort to kidnapping, claims the rabbi’s attorney. Many people believe those husbands should be in jail for spouse abuse.