Lexington, KY – When it comes to deciding whether or not to split, it is no surprise that many families stress over who will have custody over the kids. While there is certainly no reason to blame them, parents do not need to worry anymore about whether or not to get the much  needed help from Lexington divorce lawyers. Parents in Kentucky can finally breathe a sigh of relief, because the dreaded custody battle is no longer an issue.

A new bill that has passed in Kentucky, House Bill 492, creates an assumption of joint custody in temporary custody orders, along with having all prior parental custody agreements now become the court’s orders.

According to the Lexington Herald Leader, the prior law only allowed children of divorced families to spend time with the parent that the court determined was the best caretaker. This meant that the other parent missed out on a significant amount of time with their children, and was only allowed short visits with their kids.

The new bill will allow shared parenting, which means that both parents will get to see the children equally. The Lexington Herald Leader goes onto explain how numerous studies show that shared parenting allows children to benefit from spending an equal amount of time with both parents. The studies also revealed that by kids spending time with both parents, it sets them up to be successful in multiple other areas of life, which includes music concerts and football. Furthermore, the studies showed that children who spend equal amounts of time with both parents are not only less likely to have premarital sex, but also to do drugs.

This will not only help put an end to children having to witness their parents constantly fighting over who will get to see the kids, but it will prevent any future behavioral issues from arising as a result. Our divorce lawyers reported that 30 percent of children whose parents fought throughout their divorce later developed behavioral issues. Some of these behavioral issues include an inability to connect with peers, future problems in the workplace, and emotional problems.

While the new Kentucky House Bill 492 will certainly make deciding who gets custody a lot easier, our divorce attorneys in Lexington will make the entire process run much more smoothly  for your entire family. They will not only be able to evaluate your case, but also explain the divorce process and what to expect, give advice on how to best handle the divorce with your children, and guide you along the rest of the way.

Come together while we help you work on a solution that both parties are happy with. If you are looking for divorce attorneys in Lexington who will protect the interests of your entire family, then look no further. Contact us so we can set up a case evaluation and give you further information on how we can help you.