Divorce cases are certainly not a rare spectacle in family court rooms of New Jersey which are saturated with pending divorces and simply do not seem to be able to cope with insurmountable number of cases that never seem to cease.

With this in mind, legislators have gone ahead and proposed what they call ESP which stands for Early Settlement Program, explain leading divorce lawyers from Jersey City, NJ and there is no one better in this regard than Moskowitz Law Group, LLC who know how to win cases in a variety of ways and have no problem settling a case using soft or hard tactics.

As reported by natlawreview.com, the Early Settlement Program is not the only solution to the problem in the state. It is one of the many attempts or settlement alternatives implemented to expedite court proceedings. So what exactly is the Early Settlement Program? New Jersey divorce attorneys point out that it is basically a process in which the spouses going through the divorce appear before two panelists – both of whom are qualified and astonishing divorce lawyers.

Steps involved in the ESP process

The family law legal representative for each spouse will have already handed out documents or a written statement in which he or she will specify the position of the spouse in terms of the settlement that they will agree to with respect to finances, asset separation, child custody, etc. this statement must be accompanied by a case information statement.

On the day when the spouses will appear in front of the two panelists, they will do so in a conference room located at the court house and then will justify their positions and must also respond to any counter arguments or questions that the panelists may have. The spouses are encouraged to have their respective legal counselors present at this time.

The next step is where the two panelists will then discuss the case amongst them and agree upon a recommended settlement for the case. Once they have sorted out the details of the settlement they will then propose this to the spouses and their committed family law attorneys.

The recommendation made by the panelists is exactly that – a recommendation. It is not a mandate and it does not HAVE to be accepted by the spouses undergoing the divorce. Having said that, considering the fact that the panelists are two remarkable divorce lawyers, the case is unlikely to go any other direction even if it were to take the traditional divorce route where in all probability the judge would pass the same sort of recommendation.

However, if the spouses were to decline the recommendation and still take the divorce to court and appear in front of a judge then it is very probable that they would end up spending a lot more time, money, and effort and still end up seeing the same result as what they would have acquired with the ESP, according to Jersey City, NJ divorce lawyers.     

Make the call today!

Divorce is usually a time where stress levels hit the roof and emotions run high. To add to the turmoil, divorce comes with a ton of legal complexities which will prove much too demanding for the spouse to handle himself or herself. This is why family law lawyers are so vital.

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