As the divorce rate plunges to a 35-year low in the US, New Jersey takes an enviable fourth place among the states with the lowest divorce. As reported by, the latest data for 2015 from the National Center for Family & Marriage Research that indicates couples in the Garden State have beaten the national divorce average of 16.9 per 1,000.

The state has registered a divorce rate of 12.9 per 1,000 people in 2015. Hackensack, NJ divorce lawyers, and there is no law firm better at this than the Moskowitz Law Group, LLC who know who to poke holes in the opposition’s case and have built a solid career based on integrity, point out that this is a 35-year low while only Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Rhode Island recorded lower divorce rates. The overall divorce rate in 2015 dipped to 16.9 from 17.6 a year earlier.

Some of the leading divorce attorneys in New Jersey attribute this to a possible decline in getting married in the first place. In addition, some couples are choosing to tie the knot at an older age. According to the National Center for Family & Marriage Research, couples aged 50 and above are divorcing more often than younger couples. This is something family law lawyers in Hackensack, NJ find fascinating.

Court Rejects Brad Pitt’s Request to Seal Child Custody Documents

As the bitter custody battle continues between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, an report indicates that the latter’s request to have custody documents sealed has been denied by a LA Superior Court judge. However, Hackensack, NJ divorce lawyers closely following the case point out that Pitt may still have the chance to have the custody documents sealed since a hearing on whether the entire case can be sealed is set for mid-January 2017.

The 52 year old actor is seeking joint physical custody of the six kids aged between 8 and 15. Details of the temporary custody agreement have been made public and also include information on drug tests that Pitt has voluntarily undertaken. New Jersey family law attorneys are all over this case because of its celebrity involvement.

Reportedly, Jolie has wanted the parental agreement to be legally on record since she claims Pitt did not adhere to the terms in several ways. This includes attempting to increase his visitation and change the location of visits. The actress also alleges that Pitt has wanted to include another therapist in the process. Jolie wants him to adhere to the original agreement and the recommendations established by therapists. This is sounds horrendous.

The only thing worse than this is to have to watch Mr. and Mrs. Johnson all over again.

Incidentally, the LA Department of Children and Family Services absolved Pitt of all allegations of child abuse. The FBI also dropped their investigation into an alleged incident involving Pitt and his son Maddox aboard a private jet. Meanwhile, Pitt continues to believe that it is in the kids’ best interest to keep the custody battle private and sealing the entire case remains one possible avenue for the actor. His Hackensack, NJ family law lawyers are working hard to make sure Pitt has the best chances of getting some of his wishes.

Wow, some wonder if Pitt would rather be in a tank fighting Nazis rather than go through this.

New Jersey based psychologist Eileen Kennedy-Moore believes that children are usually stressed if their parents are involved in a conflict that goes public. She is of the opinion that the parents would do well to keep their conflict small and private. Failure to do so could have the children feeling the pressure to takes sides and feel more insecure. Sounds logical.

Well at least Brad Pitt has maintained his career and still continues to make hit movies while Angelina Jolie fell off the map with vanity projects.

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