Peoria, IL – A new divorce law in Illinois will change the financial formula for how the state calculates child support requirements.

Couples who plan on using a divorce lawyer in Peoria will have to deal with the state’s new way of figuring out child support. The Illinois News Network reports that the new Illinois divorce law will take the couples’ income into account, as well as the amount of time they spend with their children.

The goal of the new divorce law in Illinois is to take the custody battle out of the equation while giving the wallets of involved parents who don’t have their kids full time a break. Instead of one parent being awarded custody, the law calls for an agreed division of time referred to as “visitation.” Basically, the more time one parent spends with their children, the less they have to pay in child support.

For example, if one parent has an income of $200,000 spends one extra day with their kids, then that could equal about $10,000 less in child support they have to pay a year.

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According to one Illinois divorce lawyer, Andrew Vaughn, how much time you get will cause a huge difference in the total amount of child support.

While the intentions of the new divorce law in Illinois is good, it still will incentivize parents to demand more time with their kids for the wrong reasons, essentially taking valuable time away from parents who are looking to spend as much time as possible with their kids, financial break or not.

Illinois divorce attorney Andrew Vaughn further explains to the Chicago Sun Times why the new divorce law will have a negative effect on divorcing couples and their kids. Pointing out the potential for abuse, he says the new system would cause parents to “treat their children as financial bargaining chips.”

The state government is creating the new divorce law in an effort to improve child support in Illinois. Current statistics include:

  • There were 496,546 child support cases in the Illinois Child Support Program in 2013.
  • 517,603 children in Illinois are affected by these cases.
  • The Office of the Attorney General collected about $289 million in child support in 90 counties.
  • Child support collections in Illinois has increased by $1.4 million since 2012.

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