A new proposal as to how alimony payments should be handled in a divorce case has come into light after years of deliberation on the matter. This new system may see the end of permanent alimony payments and instead rely on mathematical formulas to establish payment.

Common sense achieved

Not unlike any other new proposal, the system has its fair share of opponents. It is opposed by the likes of democrats and The National Organization for Women alike who believe that the new system favors alimony payers but it is actually logical which most feminists do not care to admit or care to abide by at all. The war on men continues.

The democrats, the party that is against creating jobs, lowering taxes, and allowing people to have broad opportunities rather than remain on food stamps their entire life, maintain that the bill, if passed, will be an unfair advantage to the bread winners.

A woman’s choice

Meanwhile, The National Organization for Women’s Florida representative, Barbara DeVane, says it does not consider the plight of the older women who get married, stay home, raise children, get older…and the husband decides to trade her in for a younger model. This is just a ridiculous argument. Men will still be paying for their children. If a woman chooses not to pursue her career that is her prerogative.

Proponents of the system include West Palm Beach divorce attorney Tom Sasser, who played a role in crafting the bill itself, he says that the bill is a compromise and that it seeks balance. Alan Frisher, founder of Family Law reform, claims the current alimony laws perpetuate an attitude of entitlement that is abusive of both the payer and the payee. He says the new proposal is a step in the right direction towards balanced compromises.

It has been said that the objective of the new system is to reduce litigation that inflicts both an economic and an emotional toll on spouses and their families who are going through a divorce and seeking alimony.

The proposal is expected to hit the house floor soon for a full vote and ultimate verdict.

Florida LGBT community celebrates ban on same sex marriage but aware of legislation difficulties

The state of Florida has prevailed in lifting the ban on same sex marriages as on January 6th 2015. While this is a huge step forward and an occasion for rejoice among the LGBT community, there is also the issue of inevitable same-sex divorces and matters concerning the legal ruling of such occurrences that comes along with it.

According to a study homosexual couples seek divorces at comparable rates to heterosexual couples.

For all types of divorces (homosexual or heterosexual) most of the basic divorce filing requirements remain effective. These requirements ensues that at least one of the partners has lived in Florida for a minimum period of 6 months and that the divorce seeking spouse may file for divorce any county in which either or both spouses reside. Both or either party may choose to hire an outstanding divorce attorney from USAttorneys.com to guide them through the legalities.

Palm Beach County divorce attorneys say that in order to obtain a certificate of dissolution of marriage, the spouse seeking the divorce must prove that either the marriage has become irretrievably broken or that one of the parties has become mentally incapacitated.

Unique challenges involved in same-sex divorces

Before the lifting of the same-sex marriage ban the challenges in same-sex divorces were mostly instances of same-sex couples seeking divorces in a state that did not legally recognize the couple’s marriage. However, now that we have waved good-bye to the archaic ban the complications in divorce proceedings are predicted to arise in matters involving custody disputes of children that are either adopted or procreated through artificial insemination. The circus continues.