Atlanta, GA- “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes announced on Jimmy Fallon’s show that she and her ex-husband Gregg Leakes just got engaged, just two years after their divorce was finalized, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

NeNe’s painful split from Gregg was chronicled in the fourth season of “Real Housewives” and the sadness she felt was obvious to the show’s viewers, but so was her love for her ex.

NeNe told Sister to Sister magazine, “When we broke up, Gregg moved out for year. We divorced while Gregg was out. Then once we divorced, we found ourselves being friends. And there was nothing left to fight about.”

Apparently, their friendship reignited their love and during her appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late show Thursday night the host pressed her about some very romantic photos she Tweeted on New Year’s Eve, which included images of a candle-lit hallway covered in rose petals and the initials G and N written out in Hershey Kisses,according to the Examiner.Fallon kept pressing her about the Tweets and the reality-star-turned-actress finally admitted that the romantic photos meant she got engaged.

“Well… a little after midnight,” NeNe told Fallon, after much teasing, “I was asked the most beautiful question—Will you marry me, again?”

We wish NeNe and Gregg the best and sincerely hope their second marriage lasts forever. Since NeNe’s is re-marrying it raised the question: How successful are second marriages?

Because NeNe is marrying the same man twice, her second marriage won’t likely fall prey to grim statistics that show second marriages fail at a higher rate than first marriages.

According to the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri, second marriages end in divorce 67 percent of the time as opposed to first marriages which has a 50 percent chance of ending in divorce. Third marriages have an even higher rate with 76 percent ending in divorce.

So, getting married for a second or third time is a predictor from divorce. But are their other factors that predict the undoing of your nuptials.

There are many thing that can predict divorce, so many that it would be impossible to list them all, but we’ll discuss a few that applies to most couples, which include finances, the couple’s intelligence, and the marital status of a couple’s parents.

Money plays a huge role in the happiness of a marriage, leads to arguments and is such an important issue that many people agree to pre-nuptial agreements to preserve their assets if the marriage fails.

The University of Virginia found in their National Marriage Project in 2009 that couples who argue about finances at least once a week are 30 percent likely to divorce. Couples who had no assets after a three-year period after their marriage have a 70 percent chance of failure.

Couples who have a “below-average” IQ have a 50 percent chance of getting a divorce than couples with above average intelligence, according to Linda Gottfredson co-director of the Delaware-Johns Hopkins Project for the Study of Intelligence and Society. Average IQ is 100.

The marital status of your parents has an impact on whether you will divorce. If your parents were divorced you have a 40 percent chance of also getting divorced. Publisher of Divorce Magazine, Dan Couvette explained that when we see our parents go through a divorce we are desensitized, reinforcing our ambivalence towards commitment.

These are just a few factors that play a part in the destruction of a marriage. While there are many other reasons that walk down the aisle is doomed to failure, self-awareness and the willingness to fight for your marriage can keep from becoming a sad statistic.