Divorce can be hard, from the emotional detachment to the legal proceedings; every step along the way can seem to be filled with fear and uncertainty. But here’s a quick guide that gives you a heads up about what happens in a divorce, from a legal standpoint.

What to Expect

The exact legal proceedings regarding your divorce case will typically defer depending on the state or even on the district you live in, with every state having their own versions of divorce laws and every county having their own legal procedures.

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Your divorce lawyer, who can be found right here, should give you a detailed walk through of the entire divorce process in your particular case. They should also prepare all the necessary paperwork involved in getting the process started. This should be done as early as possible because divorce cases often go on for months, if not years (well perhaps a year).

2 Critical Milestones in the Divorce Journey

  1. Division of Marital Assets

The first step in dividing assets between divorcing couples is for the court to first determine which of the assets are marital, and which ones are pre-marital? This can be an extremely tedious and complicated process, again depending on your particular state’s laws and what your divorce attorney says to you. How much do you want to fight over every asset or belonging? How important is the couch or that painting? Can you do without the dog or the cat?

Apart from that, it can get very easy for a couple that is getting divorced to becoming surprisingly petty over little things, and can even end up in heated debates regarding pet custody and frequent flier miles. It is important to maintain composure and behave like a mature individual about the entire ordeal.

  1. Child Custody Rights

The legal court system can be biased against women, or equally biased against men, especially when it comes to child custody. Normally the husband is the one who gets the wrong end of the stick here but some states are turning that around much to the approval of divorce lawyers.

Although family courts typically lean towards paternal child custody, either parent has an equal chance at custody of their children. It usually depends on how well the parent can take care of the child, and sometimes the decision is even left to the child. Just remember that the days of father trying to avoid child custody are long gone (if those days ever existed), and some are even willing to do that little extra to obtain equal custody of their children.

Many times the husband is heart broken his kids have been taken from him for long periods of time. His divorce lawyer has done everything he can do but the ink on the divorce contract has already dried.

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

So, where do you go after you’ve dealt with the emotional trauma of being asked to go through a divorce? Well, legal help should be the top thing on your mind! Transformers, your car, The Good Wife, Better Call Saul, baseball, the NBA, that all goes out the window. Consider the fact that hiring a better attorney would cost more, but could save you more in the long run when it comes to negotiating for your share of the assets and child custody.

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