Cummings, GA – Natalie Maines, a member of the country group the Dixie Chicks, announced this week that she is divorcing her husband, Adrian Pasdar.

Natalie Maines Announces Divorce

CBS News reports that Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines has filed for divorce from actor Adrian Pasdar, her husband of seventeen years. The couple met at fellow the wedding of Maines’ bandmate Emily Robison; she was a bridesmaid and Pasdar, who appears in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and “Heroes,” was a groomsman.

Maines asked for joint custody of the couple’s two sons, aged 13 and 16, CBS reports.

Sources close to the couple told the press the split was amicable.

Filing for Divorce in Cumming

Getting a divorce is not as easy as just signing divorce papers. Most couples have complex issues that need to be resolved and legal requirements a couple must meet. Child custody, asset division and can make settlement negotiations difficult even though a couple wants their divorce to be amicable.

If you plan on filing for divorce in Cumming, you must be an established resident of the state for at least six months before you file your initial divorce petition. Once you file for divorce and resolve any issues you may have, a judge will finalize your divorce in 30 days.

All divorces in Georgia are no-fault, meaning a couple is not required to demonstrate any wrongdoing on their spouse’s behalf to be granted a divorce. However, a couple can cite one of twelve reasons why they want a divorce, such as infidelity, but doing so won’t change a divorce settlement.

You can seek child support if it is necessary to maintain your child’s standard or living.  If you are unable to earn a decent living because you sacrificed your career to take care of the marital home and your kids, you may be eligible for spousal support.

Child custody and asset division can be resolved before a couple of files for divorce, but if you are unable to do either, you can allow the courts to make the final decision. The means you will have less control over the outcome of your case. Getting a divorce attorney’s assistance will ensure you have more control over these important issues.

A Divorce Attorney Will Protect Your Interests

Dividing marital assets and property are more complicated the longer a couple is married because finances and property become so intertwined. Long-time married couples also have to deal with dividing retirement benefits and decide how to deal with health and life insurance policies.

If you are thinking about divorce and need help with asset division, recommends you consult with a divorce attorney in Cummings, GA. The attorneys at O’Driscoll Keller Law Group, LLC will explain what to expect from your divorce. They will work in your best interest and ensure your divorce settlement is equitable.