Thankfully for all, the nasty divorce proceedings between Porsha Williams, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and Cordell Stewart who used to try to throw a football in the NFL is officially over. Cordell has expressed his sheer joy over the proceedings stating that he was indeed glad to have such a horrible person out of his life.

What really happened?

The official statement was issued by Cordell’s divorce lawyer, ShielEldin, who stated that the divorce had been finalized ending the 2.5 year old marriage between the reality star and the former interception throwing NFL QB. His divorce lawyer also stated that Cordell was indeed disappointed that the marriage actually breathed its last since he planned to remain married for the rest of his life.

The divorce proceedings have been marred with allegations and counter allegations. Cordell had earlier claimed that Porsha had threatened to retain her last name even after the divorce. She had changed her name to Porsha Stewart after her marriage to Cordell in 2011. However, Cordell had asked her to drop the name after the divorce since he felt that she would ruin his family identity by carrying it. Despite the alleged threats that Cordell went to the town about, Porsha has dropped her last name and has gone back to her maiden identity of Porsha Williams.

She has returned to being a loser. Why did you marry her then Cordell? This is your fault Cordell. Why did you not marry a former cheerleader?

Go Away Porsha

Understandably, Cordell is extremely cross with Porsha since she had ignited rumors of Cordell being gay. However, divorce attorneys have reported that Cordell refuted the allegations threatening to take Porsha to court, over these apparently false claims. Divorce lawyers representing Cordell have expressed hope that Porsha would refrain from vilifying her ex-husband in the slightest pretext. Thankfully, the couples share no kids and there has been no custody issue to settle.

With the divorce legally over now, both should turn to fresh beginnings that would ring in positivity into their lives.