Child custody is a complicated issue, so couples often rely on the family court to resolve their disputes over custody, visitation or support.

Nashville, TN- It’s normal for a divorcing couple in Tennessee to struggle with child custody. They may find it difficult to resolve their disagreements about who should get custody, who must pay child support and who gets visitation. If you and your spouse are incapable of agreeing on child custody, the task is left to the family courts. In this article, we will discuss how Tennessee’s family courts help couples with child custody issues.

When a couple cannot resolve these disputes, the task is left to family courts, and they make their decisions based on what is the best interest of their child. There are few factors family court judges will look at when trying to help a couple resolve any differences they have about child custody.

Questions the family court will have

We will discuss some of the questions a family judge will consider below:

What is the age of a couple’s child or children? That is a bigger factor when a couple has an infant or a toddler. Tennessee’s family court may decide a mother should be given primary physical custody until a child gets older.

Was there a history of abuse or neglect by either parent? In cases of abuse, the accused parent is likely to be denied custody and perhaps visitation. In some situations, a parent may be allowed to visit their child is the presence of a third party.

Family court judges consider several factors when deciding what is in the best interests of a couple’s child.

What are each parent’s living conditions of each parent? Because the well-being of a child is the court’s top priority, they want to be sure each parent can provide a stable living environment. If each parent has a safe environment, a joint custody arrangement will be preferred. On the other hand, if one parent moves regularly or has roommates, the family courts may be speculative of giving that parent custody. The spouse who is awarded the marital home has a better chance of being granted primary custody.

Which parent has more financial or emotional stability? A child needs support and a stable home during their parent’s divorce, so family courts look at each spouse’s earning potential to decide in custody arrangements and awards of child support.

What are the child’s wishes? If a child is over age 12, the courts usually ask them which parent they want to live with and will often honor their wishes.

Above are just a some of the factors, family court judges look at when trying to determine child custody. If you need help with child custody, USAttorneys recommends you speak with one of the family law attorneys at the Cobb & Waites Law Firm.

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