A parenting plan can make the transition to divorce easier on your children.

Child custody lawyer explains parenting plans and child custody in Nashville

Nashville, TN- Most couples that decide to divorce in Tennessee have child custody issues to resolve. A divorcing couple must come up with a parenting plan, visitation schedule and decide whether joint custody is best for their child or children.  In this article USAttorneys team of divorce lawyers in Tennessee will discuss parenting plans and child custody.

What is a parenting plan?

A parenting plan is a document that outlines each parent’s rights and responsibilities as they go through a divorce. A parenting plan covers a range of issues including custody and visitation and is legally binding.

A parenting plan in Nashville should state if a couple decides to share legal custody or physical custody or if a child divided time between each parent. A parenting plan addresses a range of issues such as where a child will attend school, which parent has custody on the holidays and who is responsible for managing a child’s schedule of activities, homework, and other commitments.

These plans address issues like where a child will go to school, which parent has custody on the weekends and holidays, and which parent is responsible for making sure children make it to scheduled activities, do their homework, and meet other commitments.

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If you and your estranged spouse are having trouble coming up with a parenting plan, we recommend you consult with one of the child custody lawyers at Cobb & Waites in Nashville, Tennessee. They will be invaluable during the process and will ensure you get an agreeable parenting plan.

What child custody arrangement is preferred by Tennessee’s family courts?

Like most states, Tennessee’s family courts prefer joint custody since it allows a child the chance to live and spend time with each parent. Joint custody gives each parent voice in their child’s upbringing and important decisions about a child’s education, medical care, and financial futures are made by both parents when they are awarded joint custody and both are given equal time with each parent.

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For the most part, joint custody is preferred, but there are situations when it isn’t a possibility. If a child is not safe with one parent, they will not be allowed to live with that parent and may only be granted supervised visitation. Tennessee’s family courts will make custody determinations based on what is in the bests interests of a child and engaging in the following behaviors will cost a person child custody and visitation:

Child abuse

Spousal abuse

History of drug abuse or alcoholism

Inferior living conditions

Abandoning the marriage

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