Collier deputies had to chase a North Naples man who exceeded 140 mph in a 50 mph zone. He was found to have three times the legal limit of blood alcohol levels as well. Yes, he will need a Naples, FL DUI lawyer for his choice of actions.

Deputies arrested Phillip Blair White, 35, at Immokalee and Rock Roads. According to reports, White was driving an Infiniti that was owned by the dealership where he was employed. Deputies first spotted White travelling at around 75 miles per hour on Immokalee road at around 3 am. They followed him and activated their lights to conduct a traffic stop. However, White made a U-turn and headed east, as if he was going to stop by pulling into a parking lot. Instead, he sped off. The deputies said that he reached a top speed of 142 mph in a 50-mile zone.

Phillip Blair White has made his life worse

A second deputy then arrived to help with the stop. When White tried to elude him, he crashed into a guard rail close to TwinEagles. The deputies then approached White’s car with drawn weapons, found him bleeding from the face, and took him to the hospital. How kind of them. This is where he better make a phone call to a Naples, FL DUI lawyer or call a friend to tell them to hop on so his friend can find a golden DUI lawyer which one certainly exists on this electrifying legal website.

White was taken to hospital and treated for a head wound. His blood alcohol levels according to the hospital staff was thrice the legal limit.

A bad attitude and a dangerous police officer(s) mistake

In another incident involving a DUI driver in Naples, hospital staff found that the driver had a handgun on him when brought in for treatment. Deputies brought a drunk driver, Alcides Reygracia, who had crashed his car on Interstate 75 to the Naples Community Hospital. There he was belligerent to the nurses before he was taken in for a CT scan. The gun was spotted when he was asked to remove his pants and put on a hospital gown. One of the hospital workers then snatched it away which would impress any Naples, FL DUI lawyer.

When asked if the handgun was his, Reygracia asked the deputy to throw it away. Hilarious!

People who live in the vicinity are all praise for the hospital staff. However, they wondered how the police let a convicted felon with a firearm into a hospital. Reygracia is facing three DUI charges and a charge of possession of firearm by a convicted felon.

Need for legal representation

Under Florida law, a DUI conviction is a single offense regardless of whether the drunk driving was proved using a blood alcohol test or a breath test. In either case even a first conviction can involve a fine, imprisonment, impounding of vehicle, community service, and suspension of license. The severity of the penalty increases for subsequent convictions as well as if there was damage to life or property.

If you or a dear one has been charged with a DUI in Naples, Florida, you need to immediately retain the services of an experienced Naples, FL DUI attorney. The lawyer will be able to assess the police reports as well as other information regarding the crash and ensure that only legally permissible evidence is presented in court against you. By preventing some of the evidence from being presented in court, the attorney might be able to reduce the charges against you and ensure a lesser penalty.