Each divorce situation is different from the other, and anyone who finds themselves in the middle of the dissolution of their marriage should speak to an attorney who specializes in dealing with divorce cases, so their voice is heard, and they are not taken advantage of during the separation process. No matter which individual files for divorce, certain factors have to be taken into consideration and dealt with before the divorce can be concluded.

Some divorces can take as little as a few weeks, while others may take years to conclude. The reason for the variance in divorce lengths and timings is because of the details of each case. An uncontested divorce will take less time because both parties agree to everything that will take place including time-sharing and child support. If a person is going through a contested divorce, then it will take longer because of all the negotiations and court meetings that must occur before a final decision is made.

Even in a contested divorce, matters hardly ever make it to trial because both parties often come to a settlement agreement before the final trial date. A lawyer who specializes in divorce cases will walk a person through the entire process and make sure their wants and needs are heard throughout.

Common issues that arise in divorce cases in Naples, Florida

Many different issues may arise during the divorce and one of the most common ones is custody and visitation of children. Though both individuals may not want to see the other again, they still have the job of parenting their kids together and it is almost always in the best interest of the child to have both their parents in their lives. The only case in which this is not allowed is when one of the parents was highly abusive and there is evidence to suggest the abuse.

The most difficult divorce situations arise when one parent is abusive, but it is hard to prove. When there is no legal evidence to suggest the harm that they could cause the children, these parents may get unsupervised visitation rights, and this could be very harmful to the children. Anyone who finds themselves in this situation will need to work with a lawyer to prove the abusive nature of the other parent and to keep the children as safe as possible. If there are no children in the marriage, the next biggest issue is usually with the distribution of money and assets, especially when there are a lot of assets involved.

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