Lexington, KY- There used to a time when divorce was absolutely forbidden and any one risking it would be branded with a scarlet “D.” But the times are changing and divorce is no longer considered the taboo it once was with Americans leaning to more liberal views of divorce and gay marriage, according to a new Gallup Poll.

Gallup surveys Americans once a year about their attitudes toward a number of social issues which included divorce, gay marriage and having children out of wedlock. They have been conducting this survey since in 1999 and the most recent survey shows a dramatic change in attitudes towards key social issues.

Comparing responses from 2001, when 51 percent of those surveyed thought divorce was socially acceptable, Gallup found a 12 percent increase in the moral acceptability of divorce. In the most recent survey, 71 percent of respondents felt that divorce was morally acceptable.

This indicates that more people are unwilling to divorce rather than stay in an unhappy marriage for the sake of their children. It would be natural to assume that that change in attitudes toward divorce would contribute to an increase in the number of couples who seek out divorce, but that does not ring true. Contrary to the “50 percent of marriages end in divorce” statistic that is typically bandied about, recent statistics from the CDC show that only 44 percent of American marriages end in divorce.

Another shift in can be seen in gay marriage for which there was the greatest change in social acceptability. According to the Gallup Poll, in 2001 only 40 percent of respondents found gay relationships to be socially acceptable while in 2015 63 percent approved of such unions. That represents a 23 percent increase in Americans who approve of gay and lesbian relationships.

Additionally, 61 percent of respondents who has no moral misgivings about having a child out of wedlock, compared to 45 percent in 2001.

The shift to a more liberal viewpoint of social issues are not exclusive to marriage-related issues, Americans have shifted attitudes towards stem cell research, abortion and assisted suicide. Attitudes toward gambling, the death penalty, human cloning and extramarital affairs have changed little in the past 16 years.

Gallup surveyed 1,024 adults via cell phones or land lines between May 6 and May 10. The margin of error is 3 percent.

Divorce may not be the outcome a couple was hoping for but it is a reality man couples face and in many cases, even when children are involved, it us the best option for an estranged couple. The transition from marriage to divorce is rife with difficulties which is what it is wise for a couple to retain and Kentucky divorce attorney to assist then with their child custody issues.

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