More Americans See Divorce as Morally Acceptable According to New Poll

divorce2 300x88 More Americans See Divorce as Morally Acceptable According to New Poll
A recent Gallup Poll found that 73 percent of Americans believe divorce is morally acceptable.

Baldwin, AL- Over the past several decades, the way Americans see divorce has been slowly shifting and the stigma attached to divorce is dissipating. A recent the survey from the Gallup Poll found that more and more Americans find divorce morally acceptable.

Most Americans Think Divorce is Morally Acceptable

In 1954, when Gallup began tracking Americans’ views about divorce, a mere 53 percent of Americans felt divorce was acceptable. Since then divorce rates have risen, and divorces are easier to obtain, so the way society feels about divorce has shifted and acceptance has reached all-time highs.

In a recent Gallup poll, released in early June, 73 percent of Americans said divorce was morally acceptable. That’s a 14-point increase since 2001.

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You can file for a fault or no-fault divorce in Alabama.

Since 1968, states have slowly adopted no-fault divorce laws. California was the first state to pass no-fault divorce laws and, despite decades of pushback, 49 states offer no-fault divorce. Some states, like Alabama, let couples choose if they want a fault or no-fault divorce.

In the 80s and the 90s, divorce rates peaked, even though people saw as less socially acceptable. In 2017, more Americans don’t see divorce as immoral and yet the divorce rate is declining. That trend contradicts assertions from advocates of tougher divorce laws, who believe making divorce easier to obtain and more socially acceptable will lead to a higher divorce rate.

The author of the study, Andrew Dugan, said, “The changing attitudes among married adults about the acceptability of dissolving a marriage might be yet another manifestation of the country’s overall leftward shift on social values.”

Do You Want to Divorce Your Spouse?

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Speak with a divorce lawyer in Alabama to learn how the state’s divorce laws apply in your case.

When a couple marries, each of them has the best of intentions, but some marriages just don’t work. If you’ve tried to make your marriage work but can’t, you should contact a divorce lawyer in Baldwin, Alabama to explain the filing requirements and what options you and your estranged spouse must do to resolve child custody issues and division of assets. A divorce attorney will work with you and your estranged spouse to resolve your divorce as quickly as possible and without the nasty, drawn-out battle.

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