Even though the details of the filing remains sealed from the public, it has been confirmed from insider sources that the wife of popular music producer Timbaland has filed for divorce yet again. Initially, Monique’s divorce attorney, who has worked the law just like a Naples, FL divorce lawyer would if they were in a similar position, filed for a divorce back in October of 2013, but the couple reconciled and decided to call off the divorce, as reported by iol.co.za.


According to the court documents from 2013, Monique had demanded complete and permanent spousal support, child support for both of her children, life insurance, and additionally finances for private schooling, summer camps, and vacations.

Vacation? How come Timbaland cannot take the children on vacation? OK, when you have a vacation planned, Timbaland will send enough money only for that vacation.

Incredible temerity on the part of Monique

41 year old Monique Mosley has been married to Tim Mosley A.K.A. Timbaland for seven years and the two have a 7-year old daughter together named Reign. Monique also has a 13 year old son named Demetrius from a previous marriage. In 2013, she had demanded that Tim Mosley pay child support for Demetrius too as he had publicly pronounced that Demetrius was his own son. Most people believe Timbaland will take back those words real quick!

Tim Mosley has worked with the likes of Madonna (who still thinks she is 28), Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, and several other famous musicians. He is now the producer at “Empire studios” and was estimated to be worth $70 million. However, it is believed that his net worth is much more than that since his taking over as producer on “Empire”.

According to sources, the producer has not yet responded to the divorce petition.

With same sex marriage comes same sex divorce

The biggest cause of divorce is marriage. So essentially, the Supreme Court’s much celebrated decision to legalize same-sex marriage means that there are going to be same-sex divorces all over the nation and Philadelphia is no exception, reports philly.com.

Divorce attorneys, even ones in Naples, FL, who can be found on the fantastic website USAttorneys.com, have already reported a dramatic increase in the number of same-sex marriage clients who have started consulting them. They also agree that there is a lack of pattern and reference when it comes to some issues in same-sex marriages such as child custody (of artificially inseminated children) etc.

Therefore, there isn’t yet an established course of action to follow, since many issues in same-sex marriages are legally unprecedented and there exists a legal gray area. On top of this, according to many states and so on, it is immoral and unnatural.

In other states, where gay marriage has been legal for a while, studies suggest that the yearly dissolution rate is 2 per cent. However, expert divorce attorneys also understand that this number may not hold good throughout the nation as they have seen marriage dissolution rates vary from state to state when it comes to heterosexual marriages.

Divorce attorney – why you need one

A qualified and experienced Naples, FL divorce attorney will not only prove invaluable in terms of legal matters during divorce but will also provide emotional support at a stressful time. Furthermore, a Naples, FL divorce lawyer will make sure that you get the financial settlement you rightly deserve, help protect your assets, and ensure that you receive some child custodial rights. Remember, that you don’t have to lose your spouse and your children in a divorce.

Timbaland will soon by learning about that for sure.