Divorce Marriage Process and the Ugly Truth

Detroit, MI- When a marriage fails, people always want to know; why? Why didn’t things work out for that couple who looked so happy at their wedding? Why divorce happens is a question for the ages, and spiritual leaders and experts have been looking for the answer for as long as we know. But in reality, there is not one reason why a marriage fails, no, divorce is usually the sum total of a bunch of contentious issues. Money, however, remains one issue that can drive a wedge between a couple, cause fights and break down a marriage. This comes as no surprise to a Michigan divorce attorney who knows all too well how much money can impact marriage, and divorce!

In a 2012 study from the University of Kansas, found that couples who fight about money early on in their relationships, regardless of their income level, debts and worth were at a greater risk of getting a divorce down the road. Fights over money, the researchers found, tend to be more intense and last long that other issues couples argue about. Researchers believe that arguments over money represent bigger issues of trust and the balance of power in a marriage.

Money means different things to different people and each spouse may take a different view of how money should be spent, saved and invested. For some spouses money is a status symbol and for others, money is a means of security. Some spouses want to save, some want to spend. In the above mentioned study researchers said differing views about money generally stem from a person’s upbringing and is a hard issue to reconcile. So, to avoid divorce couples need to discuss how they view money and how it should be spent.

In addition to fighting about money, some spouses hide their money or lie about how it is being spent. A survey from the National Endowment for Financial Education found that one in three adults lied to their spouse about money. Those deceptions can have a negative impact on a marriage and cause the marriage to breakdown.

In the survey, one in ten adults admitted to hiding a purchase, a bank account, a bill, cash or a statement for their wife or husband. A stunning 13 percent admitted to a larger deception. Of the admitted deceivers, 76 percent said that the deception negatively impacted their relationship. Thirteen percent of respondents said that their financial cheating drove them to divorce.

Money is a bone of contention for many couples and often takes a front seat in the proceedings. It can used by one spouse to hurt the other. It can be used to get revenge and deprive one spouse of the settlement they deserve. With a Michigan divorce attorney on your side, you increase your chances protecting your financial interests and get a fair settlement. Your attorney’s goal is to ensure that your financial world doesn’t collapse because of your divorce.