St. Paul, MN- There is little doubt that a divorce can have a negative impact on children something that lawmakers in Minnesota are trying to change. To do so lawmakers in the state have drafted legislation that would make it mandatory for divorcing couples who have minor children to participate in a class before they are allowed to officially file for dissolution.

Sen. John Marty explained that the classes teach parents about the impact divorce can have on their children as well as informing them of the financial and child custody decisions they will have to make, according to Twin

The legislation gives allows waivers to couples who can’t afford the classes. It also gives judges the discretion to dissolve a marriage even if the classes have not been completed, Twin reported.

Sen. Marty said the legislation is not designed to make divorce more difficult for a couple.

This is the most recent legislation aimed at making divorce less common. Last year, both Oklahoma and North Carolina passed similar bills requiring divorce classes. But some see these laws as a hurdle to a timely divorce and insist it prolongs the pain for a couple and their children, forcing them to remain in a hostile environment longer than is necessary.

Mandatory classes are just one of initiatives lawmakers in numerous states have drafted in order to prevent divorce and keep families together. Some states have taken to extending the wait times for divorcing couples; the thought being that the more time a couples has to think about their divorce, the less likely they are to proceed with it. But that may not necessarily be true and many divorce attorneys can attest to the fact that couples think about divorce long before they are contacted. For more information on family law, visit

There is evidence that forcing an unhappy couple to stay together is not necessarily good for a child. Things can become very contentious for couples who feel like they are trapped in a miserable marriage. All that built up resentment and anger can manifest in frequent fights and arguments. And in some very bad situations, the anger harbored between a couple can turn violent. Parent magazine states that tension and fights between parents can have an equally negative effect on children and teach them habits that will stay with them throughout their lives.

No one sets out to get a divorce, but getting one shouldn’t be more difficult. Making the decision to file for divorce is not one that a person takes lightly. Before they call a divorce attorney, a divorcing party thinks long and hard about whether they are making the right decision for themselves and their family.

When divorce is inevitable, a couple can protect their child or children by having the help of a Minnesota divorce attorney. Your legal counsel will make certain the best interests of your child take precedent in our divorce proceedings and will do whatever it takes to protect their best interests.