Family courts in Wisconsin prefer to joint custody, but factors such as child abuse or drug use can affect who is awarded child custody.

What can affect how custody is awarded?

Milwaukee, WI- Child custody is an issue that many divorcing Milwaukee couples must deal with if divorce is imminent. Deciding who will get primary physical custody and coming up with a visitation schedule can be affected by several factors. Under some circumstances, a parent can be denied custody and visitation. USAttorneys will discuss some of the reasons a parent can be denied custody.

Wisconsin’s family courts prefer joint custody because it gives a child the opportunity to live and spend time with each parent. Joint custody gives each parent a say in how their child is raised. Important decisions about a child’s education, medical treatment are made by both parents when they are awarded joint custody.

Problems with child custody and visitation can be resolved with expert legal assistance.

However, joint custody is not possible in all case and factors can influence which parent is given physical custody. Sometimes a child is not safe in the custody of one parent, so they are denied custody or visitation. The courts will make a custody determination based on what is in the bests interests of a child. The following can affect child custody:

Child abuse

Spousal abuse

History of drug abuse or alcoholism

Inferior living conditions

Abandoning the marriage

Engaging in risky behaviors that impact a child

And, trying to turn a child against the other parent.

A parent accused of engaging in any of the above behaviors may not get the child custody arrangement or visitation they wanted and could be prohibited from seeing their child or children, but they are not total barriers. If a parent takes steps to improve and no longer present a danger to a child, they can have a child custody arrangement changed. Milwaukee’s family courts understand that a person can learn from their mistakes and deserve to be part of their child’s life.

You can have child custody, and visitation changed if your or your child’s circumstances change.

Parents need to be aware of the behaviors that can prevent them from getting the child custody arrangement or visitation schedule. Understanding what can be a barrier can help a parent overcome those hurdles. A divorce lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will also help a parent overcome the obstacles keeping you from getting the child custody or visitation schedule you want. You need someone on your side to speak to your character and show you deserve the custody arrangement you are seeking.

If you need assistance with any child custody issue, whether it is changing your custody arrangement or visitation schedule, one of our child custody lawyers in Milwaukee can help. Call and set up a consultation with a lawyer today. USAttorneys can connect you with a local attorney to assist you with all aspects of your divorce and do their best to get the results you want.