A man has gone missing in the state of Florida and news sources are claiming he owes nearly $500,000 in child support for his two daughters. Fifty-two-year-old Constantine Theoharis was last seen paddle boarding in the Atlantic Ocean a little over three weeks ago and has since been missing. He was scheduled to appear in court in Broward County on March 20th, which happened to be the same day he disappeared. The hearing was rescheduled for March 27th, but he was a no-show again.


After missing court twice and failing to show up for work as a commercial real estate agent, family, friends, and police became concerned about Theoharis’ whereabouts.


CBS Miami interviewed Theoharis’ brother Richard, and he said that his brother is “very capable on the paddleboard so it seems fishy to me.” He said that his brother was “under pressure and he owed $600,000 and didn’t have it.” He also said that his missing brother was “afraid the judge would throw him in jail.” Many people who are close to Theoharis say he was experienced in the water and would spend a lot of time out on it with his brothers. He was even said to be an accomplished diver and boater. Theoharis was last seen near North Atlantic Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale on a blue paddleboard, paddling northbound in the Atlantic.

Although he and his wife divorced back in 2008, apparently, he wasn’t able to afford the child support payments which eventually accrued into an amount Theoharis simply couldn’t afford. Whether his disappearance is connected to the amount of money he owes, that has not yet been confirmed.


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