The divorce trial between Banker Sage Kelly and his ex-wife Christina has become a bitter battle ground for child custody of their two children.

Sage Kelly opts for a pricey out of court settlement for an undisclosed sum

The $7 million a year, head of health care investment at Jefferies & Co. situated in Manhattan has settled his pricey divorce out of court with ex-wife Christina. The settlement includes joint custody of their two daughters, 10 year old Cameron and 6 year old Logan. The divorce attorneys worked out the details of their settlement for both sides.

This settlement happened after Christina counter-sued the banker and father of two over child custody rights after Sage had won full custody of the children in August of last year. In the rebuttal suit Christian won against Sage, the pair was given joint custody and the suit settled out of court for an undisclosed sum said to be ‘pricey’.

Judge finds the couple’s behavior ‘horrible’ in the battle over child custody  

The judge Justice Mathew Cooper openly chastised the pair for their bad behavior in court saying that he felt sorry their ‘innocent’ children. He called this trial between New York Banker Sage Kelly and his ex-wife Christina a ‘fiasco’. Sage had used footage of a film where his wife could be seen using cocaine in their apartment. She had further been charged with DWI in 2010 with her two daughters present in the car.

Christina attacks Sage for his drug fueled free living lifestyle

In retaliation Christina filed a 26-page affidavit describing Sage’s infatuation with drugs and his obnoxious taste for promiscuous sex in detail, including a foursome that she and Sage had with the head of Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Marc Beer and his girlfriend the Boston Ritz-Carlton. She alleged that Sage encouraged her involvement in order to get business from Beers’ for his company. The divorce attorneys had plenty of points to fight for their clients in court.

Christian, 39, seems to have had a tempestuous marriage with Sage. Her affidavit made his private life public knowledge. She describes Sage’s lifestyle as drug filled and promiscuous. She alleges, incidences of his having slept with co-workers in their guest bedroom and of him using hallucinogenic fungi to entertain his guests with on Mushroom Day at their swanky Sag Harbor home. She further alleges that his friends including boss Ben Lorello of Jeffries for imbibing cocaine. Sage, 42, has denied all these allegations calling it ‘The Wolf of Wall Street tale’.

Their beautiful world torn apart by allegations made public by media, the shattered pair now admits that they have problems. Christina who crashed her Range Rover into a telephone pole in May 2010 was charged with felony DWI since she had her daughters in the back. She admits to having an alcohol problem and Sage chooses to brush away her allegations.

Athens County judge reverses same sex marriage divorce judgment

In other divorce related news, an Athens County Judge George McCarthy reversed his judgment that granted two women the first same-sex divorce in the county’s history. The judge said he was not aware that the two parties that filed for divorce were of the same sex when he granted the divorce in November last year.

According to Dayton, Ohio divorce attorneys, the two women, marriage between Brenda Mohney and Erin O’Leary is not recognized in Ohio although it is in many other states, which prompted Common Pleas Court Judge McCarthy to reverse his judgment.