In recent made to media sources, Miley Cyrus has confessed that the she was indeed petrified of the thought of being alone. She could not imagine herself on her own, without a special person or a group of friends right there for her choice of company. However, Miley told divorce attorneys and friends that according to her, she has now been able to face the idea of being alone after her split with actor fiancé Liam Hemsworth.

A Needy Person

According to Miley, this transition that has come about after she encountered the split is the biggest change that has happened to her in the present year. Primarily, the severance of ties has indeed made her more self-confident.

Speaking to a Richmond divorce lawyer friend, Miley stated that now that her relationship with Liam Hemsworth has come to an end, she knows how it feels to live on one’s own. She would never feel that being herself in her own life would be dependent on someone else’s presence, anymore. She would never “need” anyone anymore. She can just choose someone she wants to be with. Miley became engaged to Liam at a very young age of 19. She has been his fiancée for the last two years.

Far too Young

Speaking about the engagement Miley stated that she really did not care to wear such a large rock, at such an young age. According to her, it was too early to have been wearing such a humungous diamond ring! However, Miley clearly savored it. Now that the ties have been severed, she however feels that her life would take a happy course hence forth. She does have a top song out right now but too bad the video is overly sexual and borderline unwatchable.

Divorce lawyers who deal with relationship breakups have explained that the disassociation with Liam has indeed had an impact on Miley. However, she has decided to take things positively and there is no putting her down. Here’s more to happy beginnings for her as long as she does not disrespect herself again on stage in front of the world.