Here are Some Important Facts to Know Regarding Michigan Divorce Laws

Filing for divorce in Michigan does not come without lots of paperwork and many intricate details. Not being fully aware of your rights and the regulations governing the petition process in the state can mean the difference between walking away from your case with your rightful benefits or spending the next several months arguing over property or child custody.

Below are facts about Michigan divorce law that all parties contemplating dissolution of marriage should be fully aware of:

Michigan Divorce Law

Divorce Residency Requirements in Michigan

Michigan residency requirements must be met before spouses can file a petition for divorce. However, they are some of the most confusing and elaborate in the country. Either party involved in the divorce must have resided in the state for 180 days immediately prior to filing for divorce. Either party must also have resided in the county where the complaint will be filed for the 10 days immediately preceding the petition.

However, a spouse may file the complaint for divorce in any county in the state without having to meet the 10-day requirement if all of the following conditions apply:

• The defendant (spouse being petitioned for divorce) was born in, or is a citizen of, a country other than the United States of America.
• Parties involved in the divorce action have a minor child or children.
• There is sufficient reason for a court to conclude that the child or children are at risk of being taken out of the country by the defendant.

Michigan’s Legal Grounds for Divorce

Michigan is a “no fault” divorce state, meaning a divorce will be granted if evidence is presented in court that demonstrates there has been a breakdown in the marriage to the extent that reconciliation is not possible.

Property Distribution for Michigan Spouses

Because Michigan is an equitable distribution state, property and assets will be divided equitably, but not necessarily equally. The court will examine several factors before making a decision on the division of property, including the length of the marriage, earning ability of each party, the source of the property, and other matters.

Michigan Divorce Lawyers to the Rescue

It can be difficult to understand the full complexity of Michigan divorce laws, and if one small error occurs in the petition or during court proceedings, a spouse can lose their rightful claim to property, alimony or even child custody. For this reason, it is imperative each party obtain the help of an experienced Michigan divorce lawyer.
Michigan divorce attorneys handle every aspect of the case, from filling out paperwork to making court appearances, to ensure your rights are protected. They also serve as mediators between parties to keep arguments at a minimum.
Anyone considering filing for divorce can consult with a top team of divorce lawyers in Michigan so their case resolves as quickly and positively as possible.