Rockford, MI- Divorce can get ugly very, very ugly. They can often lead to anger, shouting, and in the worst cases physical violence. Such is the case of a Michigan man who is now jail charged with attempted murder or his estranged wife, and the saddest thing is the impetus for his rage was his own doing.

Marshall Brabo, 65, according to court documents, attacked his estranged wife with a wrench, crowbar and dresser drawer on the night of February 15th. The attack was apparently instigated by Brabo’s impending divorce from his wife of 30 years, ML Live reported.

Pamela Brabo, told detectives that she had visited her husband that night to have dinner—the couple had been living separately since she filed for divorce last November, citing irreconcilable differences. She said things “appeared to be normal” until she decided to leave at around 7:45 p.m. when Mr. Brabo began questioning her about their divorce and began to get angry about the financial terms, the court affidavit stated.Mr. Brabo didn’t want to get divorced.

According to M Live, the detective wrote that Brabo told his wife, “I want you to know we are both going to die tonight.”

That was when he reached into a dresser drawer and grabbed a crowbar and proceeded to hit her. She then said he got a wrench from another drawer to hit her in the head with.

During the beating, Mr. Brabo repeatedly told his wife they were both “going to die tonight.”

Mrs. Brabo, fearing for her life, pretended to play dead, which stopped the hitting, though he did try to choke her, court documents showed.

She laid there for two hours waiting for him to pass out—he had taken a few dozen sleeping pills in attempt to commit suicide. Mr. Brabo attempted to conceal his crime by whipping blood from the wall and his wife’s face before passing out.

Undersheriff for Kent County Jon Hess said, “Had she not pretended to play dead, there’s a good possibility this would have been a homicide.”

Once he passed out, Mrs. Brabo escaped from the home and drove to get help at a nearby McDonalds, M Live said.

Wood 8, local NBC affiliate said the Mr. Brabo’s main contention was a default judgment which awarded assets in wife’s favor. Mr. Brabo failed to file the necessary documents on time.

During his arraignment Mr. Brabo’s attorney argued that the default judgment may explain why his client snapped. The attorney said Mr. Brabo didn’t file the paperwork because he was bipolar and has attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.

Mr. Brabo is currently in jail awaiting his trial for attempted murder. He is due back in court on March 4.

Mrs. Brabo was lucky to survive, and she probably never anticipated her husband would react in such a violent way, but divorces can turn violent. Financial issues can be the last straw in emotionally charged divorces; some people will go to the extreme, sometimes less violent, to keep from losing property.