Local news for Detroit, Michigan published a story about a recently divorced couple who had some custody issues due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Divorced couple is having trouble sticking to custody plans because of the pandemic

The author is a mother of two children and her divorce was finalized several months earlier. Even though they share custody of their children, they had not seen their father for approximately two months at the time of the article. She claims that her ex-husband actually has a very good relationship with her and the children despite their divorce, but the pandemic has obviously complicated the situation.

The children’s father is considered an essential worker. He works as a corrections officer at a prison in Jackson, Michigan. The unit where this man works has had an exceptionally high number of prisoners test positive for COVID-19. He had already been sent home one day as a precaution after showing some slight symptoms that were consistent with infection by the virus. He eventually tested positive himself after the symptoms got slightly worse in the following days. However, after about a week he was back to work, as his superiors needed him to return as soon as possible. 

His wife believed that he would have more time off and be able to see his children, but that did not happen. She faced a serious dilemma when it was time for him to take custody under their normal schedule. There was obviously a high risk for her and her children of getting the virus, and possibly even infecting others if he came into contact with them shortly after recovering. The author noted that she has asthma, which is an underlying respiratory condition that would likely make her symptoms much worse. 

The couple had been using facetime calls to stay in contact, but obviously this is not the same as real human contact. The children are also young enough that the situation took an emotional toll on them. At the conclusion of the article, the author mentioned that the uncertainty has kept them apart, and there is no simple answer in sight. 

Custody issues and couples who have recently separated

Custody is a highly contested issue for many couples. This is because both parents have a strong emotional attachment to their children, and in most cases they do not want to lose visitation rights or deal with the other parent making all of the important decisions in their lives. It is crucial to get legal help to prepare for any custody hearing, and ensure that the children grow up in the best possible environment. 

Get help with a divorce and related issues

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