Not so long ago, Michael Lohan had requested legal intervention for stopping the publishing of Dina Lohan’s autobiography which promised to be a tell-all. Divorce attorneys representing Dina clarified that there was a gag order which was part of the divorce proceedings. This means that she would have to decline to include most of the juicy details that she perhaps planned to toss into this book of hers. However, things are possibly looking up for Dina since a new deal seems to be brewing between the couple.

Can these people even read?

The Lohan clan seems to be now headed for a complete book-off. If sources are to be believed, Michael is now considering allowing Dina to go ahead with the book. However, there is a fat string attached to this! In return he wants his own book deal to go through as well. It’s a book for a book! Michael has told BirdStreet Books, which happens to be the publishers of Dina’s book that they can release the gag order with the help from his divorce lawyer. However, the company would have to offer a similar book deal to him as well.

Desperate Parents

It is also believed that Birdstreet had held out a lucrative contract for Michael. However, Michael feels it is not good enough. Therefore he has still not pledged his commitment. However, eventually, both Dina and Michael are slated to win from his deal. These books, once readied, would find many takers for sure (there are many people in America with no life of their own)! Who stands to lose from his deal? Well, Lindsay Lohan of course! She would be the one at the risk of maximum exposure, explain divorce lawyers.

But what has she done lately? Where is she at? How many bridges has she burned in this life? She cannot even show up on time for work!

What happens with Michael and Dina’s books remains to be seen. And it is likely to be followed with much interest by the paparazzi at large. Some truly colorful gossip may be produced by these useless books.

These parents should realize their daughter is not famous anymore. But she is pretty and does have some talent. Can she make it work in her life?