After a few short months of being married, sources are reporting that White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech has filed for divorce from wife, Vanessa Morgan Mziray. The couple married on January 4th at the Historic Walton House in Miami and on June 14th, the Chicago Tribune reported that Kopech filed for divorce in Morris County, Texas. Although the case was sealed, leaving little access to some of the key details surrounding the divorce, the news source says there is no hearing date scheduled as of yet.

Shortly after Kopech filed for divorce, Morgan went public with some news of her own. Last Friday, Morgan took to Instagram to reveal to her 8 million followers that she was expecting her first child. In the photos and video Morgan posted, she also did a gender reveal which showed she is expecting a baby boy. Although Kopech was not present for any of the photos or the big reveal, a rep for Morgan has confirmed that Kopech is the father.

Morgan, who is best known for her role on Riverdale, accepted Kopech’s proposal in July 2019 in front of a waterfall in Arizona. The two had been dating about a year prior to their engagement.


How are custody issues addressed in a divorce when one party is pregnant?


If you or your spouse has filed for divorce in Texas and you are pregnant, it is unlikely that the divorce will be finalized until the child is born. Once your child is born, the court can then establish a custody agreement and decide if child support is warranted. Now, if you are looking to get your divorce finalized as quickly as possible, you and your spouse can create a parenting plan together that outlines how custody will be established and if child support payments will be made. Given that the parenting agreement is in the best interest of the child, the court may choose to adopt it which alleviates a judge from having to create an agreement on his/her own.


Should I have to wait until after I have a baby to file for divorce?


Although it is unlikely for a Texas court to grant a divorce when one spouse is pregnant, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should wait to file. If you are certain that you want to proceed with a divorce, you should contact Brownsville, TX divorce lawyer Gary A. Ortega who can assist you with getting the process started. The more you are able to get done now, the quicker your divorce will go once your child is born. If you are ready to discuss filing for divorce with an experienced divorce lawyer in Brownsville, TX, contact the Law Offices of Gary A. Ortega, P.C. today.


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