Divorce attorneys are happy to report that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have called off their decision to separate. Douglas, 69, and Zeta-Jones, 44, a Hollywood celebrity couple, had been married for 13 years when they announced their separation this year in August. However, Douglas recently confirmed that they were “doing wonderful” as a couple and after a “break,” their marriage is better than ever before.

She went for the money and fame and he went for the looks. So far, it seems this plan has worked.

Happy People

Divorce lawyers who are experienced in deciphering the subtle and the not-so-subtle signs in a relationship, have also pointed out to some recent developments that confirm the statements by Michael Douglas. Firstly, though Catherine Zeta-Jones was not present during the premiere of Last Vegas, she called Douglas during the show and the actor was seen beaming into the phone as he responded, “Thanks honey.”

Too bad Michael Douglas’s current movie that takes place mainly in Las Vegas is terrible.

He Chose Her Right when he Saw Her

Later, Douglas could not stop talking about his wife at the party and it was here that he told to all present that everything was going fine between him and Zeta-Jones. In this context, it is worth reminding readers that even during their period of estrangement, Douglas had referred to Zeta-Jones as his “wife” and thanked her for her support in his Emmy Award acceptance speech. Secondly and most importantly, Catherine Zeta-Jones has moved back to the couple’s apartment in Central Park West. Now if this is not a sign of reconciliation, then what is?

Big Money

According to sources close to the couple, both Douglas and Zeta-Jones are very keen to keep their marriage alive, both for their sake and to ensure that their children have a happy home. They are trying their best to sort out their problems and ensuring that they keep all communication channels open between them. And most importantly, they have not discarded their wedding bands. Divorce lawyers certainly hope that some other celebrity couples in Hollywood will take cue from Michael and Catherine.