If rumors are to be believed, another celebrity marriage is all set to move for celebrity divorce. And this time it is a marriage that was considered stable and rock solid by the entire Hollywood fraternity. Reportedly, Michael Douglas and Catherine are both set to be looking out for respective divorce attorneys soon enough. This has raised several melancholy queries with regard to staying unified amidst public glare and stupendous fame! As of now, the public statement however is that both are taking some time apart for evaluating their marriage respectively.

Medical Maladies

Over the last few years, both Michael and Catherine have undergone major medical debacles. He was forced to battle throat cancer while she struggled with bipolar disorder and had to even be in rehab for a while. Besides, the age difference of a whopping 25 years isn’t helping either! Michael has also had to deal with the prison sentence of his son, from his first marital alliance. Still, experts are of the opinion that the very fact that they have been together for 13 years and have parented two kids is in itself praiseworthy. Why then are they contemplating parting ways?

A Circus

With the divorce rate in America at a whopping 50%, marriages are indeed difficult to deal with. And, as most divorce lawyers would swear by, Hollywood marriages are the toughest to deal with. In this case, issues like cancer and mental illness did complicate matters further, posing serious challenges. Credit needs to be given to them for sticking through for thus long! What was important is that they have been together for thus long and have managed to support each other during bad times.

However, this makes the separation but all the more painful as well. Celebrity watchers are hoping that the time they have taken out from each other helps in reconciling differences. Considering that the fates of two young children are at stake, one always hopes that the family gets back together as a cohesive unit.