AR-130909706.jpg&maxh=400&maxw=667Last month you read about the divorce battle between a Cincinnati couple that has been going on for 17 years. This Connecticut couple comes in second place as their own divorce proceedings have just hit the 10-year mark and shows no signs of resolution. The case, which involves former Connecticut investment adviser David Zilkha and his ex-wife, Karen Kaiser, shows no signs of nearing a final resolution.

As reported in The Middletown Press, the divorce and child visitation case has already produced nearly 600 motions and rulings and includes evidence of insider trading that brought down a multibillion-dollar hedge fund.

Kaiser filed for divorce on Aug. 13, 2003 and a judge granted the divorce May 31, 2005, but the case continued with endless motions involving the children and legal costs.

In some of the filings, David Zilkha, 44, alleges his ex-wife is trying to alienate him from the kids, as he hasn’t seen his 12-year-old twin son and daughter for four years.

Kaiser, a 48-year-old homemaker in Southbury, claims Zilkha has made defamatory remarks about her damaging her reputation. She also claimed that he once punched her in the face.

Court documents filed by Kaiser say Zilkha has had the ability to see the children under supervised visitation but has refused to do so. Zilkha is protesting the conditions of supervised visitation and says the sessions are prohibitively expensive, costing him more than $5,000 per visit.

The proceedings took an unusual turn in January 2009, when the divorce case unveiled evidence that led the Securities and Exchange Commission to reopen an insider trading investigation against Pequot Capital Management Inc., then based in Westport.

SEC officials said Kaiser provided them with emails she saved from her ex-husband’s home computer that helped show Zilkha provided inside information about Microsoft Corp. to Pequot and its founder and chairman, Arthur Samberg, in 2001.

Kaiser and her current husband received a $1 million award from the SEC for helping with the investigation.