Charlie Sheen has been in news for all the wrong reasons of late! What else is new? This is the same person who believes the terrorist actions on 9-11 were an inside job! This is even after America has not obtained any oil deals with Iraq and America not even demanding 20% of Iraqi oil for compensating America for what it took to eliminate Saddam and his two psychotic sons. Where are you on this Charlie?!megan fox

No Credibility

Charlie being in the news as of late has to do with his past divorces that have been nothing short of acrimonious! First, it was his battle with Brooke Mueller regarding meeting his sons on Christmas and now it was calling his ex-wife Denise Richards names since she apparently prevented his daughters from seeing him on Christmas! Clearly, there has been lots of mudslinging around! And this has clearly tarnished the image of Charlie, explain divorce attorneys.

Recently, Megan Fox has expressed a strong dislike for the actor. Speaking to a divorce lawyer friend, Megan stated that she was totally against allowing her husband, Brian Austin Green, to join the cast of Anger Management. She did not want her life partner to become acquainted with Charlie. However, the money offered by the show was so good that Megan could not possibly turn it down. Besides, the show also guaranteed Brian regular work every week, until the year ended. And Megan is now more than happy that the work has been done with and that Brian can now disassociated himself from Charlie.

Fox has had Charlie Like Moments

Apparently she runs her husband’s life. Too bad she is the one who talked her way out of Transformers III (one of the biggest movie franchises this century) by saying all sorts of Charlie Sheen like comments about Michael Bay and others.

Megan also stated that work was a bit too much for Brian and was leaving him with no time for interacting with his family. He was working 18 hours and it proved to pretty depressing for everyone around him, especially his family. Some say his family should get a hobby of their own and let the husband make some money.

Charlie’s Image

Charlie has clearly messed up his self-image by ranting endlessly about matters that could have easily been settled in private. Naturally, he has become immensely unpopular, especially with women who prefer sobriety in men, explain divorce lawyers who have been dealing with him for years.