Des Moines, IA- In the 21st Century, the internet plays an important role in our lives. Many of us use it at work and we can shop, pay our bills, read the news and socialize online. The list of things we can do online is endless, and it is increasingly seen as great way to meet our future husbands or wives—one in ten relationships start online–but new research from the University of Michigan shows online relationships may lead to a stable marriage.

Even though sites like eHarmony and boasts about pairing up thousands of happily married couples they’ve, research from the found that couples who meet their partner in person through work, friends, family or mutual interests.

Researchers surveyed 4,000 couples and found that relationships which start online have higher rates of separation and divorce, and those relationships are of poorer quality, the Guardian reported.

Of the online daters, only 49 percent were looking for a long-term relationship that could lead to marriage; many are looking for casual dating.

According to the study, “Only 32 percent of respondents who met their partners online were married compared to 67 percent who met their partners offline.”

“Even though a large percentage of marriages in recent years have resulted from couples meeting online, looking for partners online may potentially suppress the desire for getting married,” said Dr Aditi Paul, author of the report.

Dr. Paul added, “Furthermore the breakup rates for both marital and non-marital romantic relationship were found to be higher for couples who met online that couples who met through offline venues.”

But why are online relationships failing to lead to marriages? Researchers listed three reasons:

Variety: The dating pool online is much larger and with all those choices, online daters find it difficult to be tied to one person exclusively. Online daters know they can look for other partners if they

Longer to establish: Online dating firsts consists of looking at a profile then initiating contact. Back and forth emails, personal messages and texts extend the courtship leading relationships that are “less matured and developed.”

Trust is harder to build: Since online daters understand that online profiles contain some misleading information, online daters need more time to build trust in their partner. “Eighty-six percent of online daters have reported being concerned about falsification of personal information and deceptive self-presentation of their dating partners,” the report states.

This contrasts study contrast a University of Chicago study which showed online relationships are more stable.

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