Massachusetts Divorce Lawyers and Family Attorneys

If you have considered filing for divorce in Massachusetts, you might not be fully aware of all the laws and regulations governing the process. There are residency requirements that must be met, as well as specific grounds for divorce. One small mistake in the filing can lead parties to forsake their rightful claim to property, alimony or child custody, so having an experienced divorce lawyer in Massachusetts spearheading your case is the best way to ensure it resolves as quickly and favorably as possible.

Below are the basic laws concerning divorce petitions in Massachusetts:

What are the Massachusetts Divorce Residency Requirements?

In order to file for a divorce in Massachusetts, a couple must have lived together in the state as husband and wife. One of the spouses must be a resident of the state if the matter that led to the petition for dissolution took place in Massachusetts. If the grounds for divorce did not take place in the state, then the spouse seeking divorce must have lived in Massachusetts for at least one year prior to filing.

Where Do Spouses File for Divorce in Massachusetts?

Parties must file for divorce in the county where the couple resides, or if living separately, in one of the counties where either party lives. If having the case tried in another county results in an inconvenience to either party, then the court may transfer the case to a county where the inconvenienced spouse resides.

What are the Legal Grounds for a Massachusetts Divorce?

The following are acceptable grounds for a dissolution of marriage in Massachusetts:

• Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage
• Adultery
• Impotence
• Desertion for one year prior to filing
• Alcohol or drug addiction
• Cruel and abusive treatment
• Willful neglect or refusing to provide suitable support to the other spouse
• Imprisonment

How a Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer Can Make a Difference

Hiring an experienced Massachusetts divorce lawyer can make a substantial difference in the outcome of the case. Many times, couples argue over property, spousal support or child custody and without knowing the full extent of your rights, can forsake your rightful claim or settlement. Skilled divorce attorneys in Massachusetts dedicate themselves to your case and ensure that your rights are protected. They also act as mediators to keep conflicts to a minimum and work to find a solution that works for the whole family.


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