A woman in Boston was killed by her violent husband before she could file for divorce.  

Famed local doctor kills his wife after a job loss

A prominent surgeon in the city eventually confessed that he had strangled her to death and attempted to hide her body. The couple apparently had many arguments and incidents of domestic violence in the months leading up to the murder. The doctor’s 45 year old wife was in the process of starting a divorce filing and getting a protective order against him when the killing happened. 

The husband stated that the murder happened while they were staying at a hotel in Dedham, Massachusetts for approximately a week. Records showed that both of their vehicles were in the parking lot. Police obtained a key to their room and gained entry. They found the doctor laying on a bed in the room, and he appeared to be covered in scratches and wounds that looked like he had walked through the woods or an area with heavy brush. He was brought to a hospital for treatment, but no one knew where his wife was at the time. When his condition improved, he admitted to the police that they both had been drinking and got into an argument. He claimed that she hit him in the head with a glass at this time. When he admitted to choking her in response to being hit during this argument, she lost consciousness. The suspect told police that she may have been dead and he attempted to hide her body by dumping it in a pond nearby. Police were eventually able to find the corpse in the area that the suspect described. The body was submerged and her pockets were filled with rocks. 

Those who knew the couple said that their marriage had started to deteriorate when the doctor’s career was in decline. He used to be the chief of urology at a hospital in Brighton. He also was a pioneer in robotics in medicine. There were even advertisements and billboards for the local healthcare system that featured his voice and likeness. However, he eventually lost his position and had to pay restitution for illegal billing related to visits and procedures that never happened.   

Getting away from a dangerous marriage

If someone is with a spouse who is starting to become violent or engage in other forms of troubling behavior, it is best to file for a protective order, get a lawyer, and contact the police if necessary. As long as there is a bona fide threat of harm or violence, the protective order will usually be granted. 

Learn more about how to get divorced safely

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