When a couple has been married for several decades and then decides to divorce, there are some special considerations that should be made to prepare for the separation and life afterwards. 

Local news for Baltimore reported on the divorce of longtime baseball star Cal Ripken Jr. Ripken was one of the most recognizable players in Orioles history and holds many baseball records.

Prominent Baltimore athlete and his wife separate after 30 years

Lawyers who worked with both Cal and his wife Kelly confirmed that the divorce was finalized after a court appearance on a Thursday morning. Kelly’s lawyer asked members of the public and media to give her some privacy during the immediate aftermath, but the lawyer did issue a general statement from the family. 

The statement said that Kelly and Cal were formally separated by the Baltimore County Circuit Court and all proceedings were concluded. It was also noted that they had two children together and remained married for approximately thirty years. Both spouses were apparently faithful to each other during the entire duration of the marriage according to the attorneys. 

Kelly’s attorney mentioned that she would attempt to get more involved in philanthropy, women’s health issues, and promoting a book based on her work at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center. Cal Ripken’s publicist confirmed that the divorce proceedings had ended, but did not offer any other information about his future plans or commentary. 

Long term marriages that end in divorce

When a divorce is pending after a marriage that lasted several decades, there is a greater possibility of lengthy court disputes and permanent changes to the lives of one or both spouses. This can include long term alimony, child support payments, and even property that may have to be shared even after the marriage has ended. Alimony in particular tends to last longer and require larger payments after a very long marriage. 

This is in contrast to marriages lasting a few years or less, which tend to be less complicated and are quicker to dissolve from a legal standpoint. Those who have been married for a long time should anticipate spending more time in negotiations, in court, and possibly in legal fees as well. However, some firms have started to offer lower cost alternatives such as mediation where the couples can agree on most aspects of their separation and simply present the agreement to the court in the name of efficiency. You should always discuss your situation with a licensed attorney and explore all possible options before committing to a course of action. 

Speak with a professional if you think your marriage is about to end

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