New York, NY- Celebrity rumors, especially about divorce, dominate the news cycle so it’s easy to dismiss them. Rumors that pop diva Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have separated, and are possibly heading towards divorce have been circulating the internet for months. Now it appears the rumors are true.

On Thursday, in an interview with Yahoo News’ The Insider, Cannon confirmed he and Mariah have been living in separate houses. The 33 year-old host of America’s Got Talent told host Chris Spencer, “There is trouble in paradise. We have been living in separate houses for a few months.”

Rumors about the couple’s split reached a fevered pitch last week when the New York Post’s Page Six reported that the couple were “living separately,” and Carey was having Cannon followed because she suspected he was cheating.

While Cannon confirmed the rumors he and Carey were separated, he shot down the cheating allegations. He did make a point to say that his three-year old twins, Monroe and Moroccan, were his main focus at this time.

According to the celebrity rumor mill, the couple split in May after Cannon listed Kim Kardashian as one of his sexual conquests, although that shouldn’t have come as a surprise since the two dated for a few months in between Kim’s first and second marriage.

Sources told US Weekly Carey has had numerous closed door meetings with divorce attorneys. A wise move since the couple own pricy homes, a private jet worth $5 million and a convoy of luxury cars, including a $400K Lamborghini. According to the Daily Mail, the couple own a $10 million condo in Tribeca, a $13 million mansion in Bel Air along with a homes in Aspen and the Bahamas.

Cannon and Carey’s marriage was somewhat surprising given their 12 year age difference– he’s 33, she’s 45, but they ended up making things work for six years.

When it comes to spousal support or child support–depending on their final custody arrangement—it’s anyone’s guess who will end up paying. They could decide to call it even in the support, and focus on dividing the houses and cars, though it’s safe to assume that might end up being a bit contentious. It’s also possible, considering Celebrity Worth pegs Carey’s net worth at $510 million, that she could end up paying Cannon support. It’s possible.

The notion that women don’t pay in divorce is not necessarily true. In June, actress Halle Berry was order to pay her ex-boyfriend and model Gabriel Aubry $16,000 a month is child support for their daughter. The court also ordered to pay Aubry’s legal fees and fully cover her daughter’s school tuition.

Divorce can be challenging and couples often find they need a third party to help them settle issues such as child support and asset division. Our divorce attorneys devote their time to each of their clients and work tirelessly to assure their best interests are protected in throughout every stage of the divorce process.