Los Angeles, CA- The three-year divorce battle between Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly nearing the final stages.

The Daily Mail reported that Shriver and Schwarzenegger are in the final stages of divorce negotiations, and the final agreement will be done by Christmas officially ending their 25 year marriage.

Sources told the paper that after a three-year separation Shriver is ready to sign off on the divorce after the couple determines how to divide their marriage $400 million estate.

The source told the Daily Mail, “It has been a long legal process and not an easy one by any means, but Maria and Arnold are now amicable and have reached an agreement.”

The couple split when it was revealed that Schwarzenegger had a child, his fifth, with his housekeeper. A fact the former governor kept secret for nearly decade out of fear that the affair would damage his political career. Later, Schwarzenegger said he didn’t realize the child was his at first but eventually noticed the child looked like him.

Prior to his breakup with Shriver, Schwarzenegger took financially responsibility for the child purchasing a four-bedroom home for the boy and his mother.

In a 2012 interview with 60 Minutes, the actor revealed he had an affair with actress Brigitte Neilson when he began dating Shriver.

But Schwarzenegger may not have been the only person stepping out of their marriage. Earlier this month, the New York Post reported that Shriver had been carrying on an affair with Schwarzenegger’s former campaign manager Matthew Dowd. According to the Post, Dowd and Shriver began dating as far back as 2006, five years before she filed for divorce.

Dowd, who recently attended and Kennedy event with Shriver, denies the allegations.

Schwarzenegger’s and Shriver’s divorce serve as an example of how long and how complex a divorce can. On top of the fortune he made as an actor, Schwarzenegger also has a number investments. Some of those investments include his interest in the popular chain of movie theme restaurants Planet Hollywood, a joint publishing venture with Simon & Shuster and a production company called Oak Productions.

As a member of the Kennedy clan, Shriver has a sizeable fortune of her own, but because of California’s divorce laws she is entitled to half of the fortune her estranged ex earned during their marriage. It’s not unheard of for a divorce of this magnitude to take a long time to resolve. Dividing up assets and earnings can be complex, but a divorce attorney is up to the task.

You don’t have to be worth hundreds of million dollars to benefit from having legal counsel throughout all stages of your divorce. Though not an issue for Shriver and Schwarzenegger, many couples have child custody issues that need to be worked out. A divorce attorney will work hard to ensure you receive a just settlement and any financial support you need along with making certain you are happy with your child custody arrangement.