Rabbi Mendel Epstein is accused of ordering attacks on Aharon Friedman to get him to grant a religious divorce to his wife, this type of religious divorce is called a get. The woman who had received a property settlement during her divorce proceedings in the civil courts was seeking a” get” so she could eventually remarry in the Orthodox Jewish Community but Friedman had refused to grant her this divorce.

Rabbi Mendel Epstein, who is known to be a divorce expert in the community, was consulted in the matter. Epstein instructed the woman to wire $60,000 to the two congregations that he ran in his name. The woman and another Rabbi who was assisting her claim they were under the impression that the money would be used to reimburse the husband for the lost property (what lost property?) and to negotiate with him and convince him to grant the woman a get. However, shortly after the money was transferred the husband, Friedman, was attacked by three men.

So she did not know Epstein’s tactics? That is the ultimate question.

Rabbi Epstein is under trial in federal courts. His attorney is trying to prove that the attack was not initiated by the Rabbi. Hey, give up the get! Epstein did what he had to do it seems.

5th divorce for Jean-Claude van Damme

Divorce be damme-ned

Famous Hollywood actor and martial-artist, Jean-Claude van Damme, has been through four excruciating divorces and is on the brink of his fifth divorce. The Hollywood star who is currently married to Gladys Portugues was previously married to Maria Rodriguez, Cynthia Derderian, and Darcy LaPier. This will be the couple’s second divorce as they had been remarried for 16 years after their initial separation.

The documents filed by divorce attorneys at a Los Angeles court indicate “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce request.

Divorce in the cards for Derek Fisher

Former NBA player and current NY Knicks coach Derek Fisher has put in the papers for divorce. Candace, his wife, are not happy with one another right now. This happened only a month after the couple celebrated their tenth anniversary. The documents Fisher filed through his divorce attorney at a Los Angeles court cite “irreconcilable differences” as the top reason for the separation.

She was probably unhappy he decided to coach to pitiful basketball team. She also could be unhappy that he decided to return to LA after being on a pretty good Utah Jazz basketball team. But most importantly, perhaps she has realized that Fisher and the Lakers had the NBA’s help when they won championships in 2000 and 2002. Who wants to be associated with deceitful championships?

The Fishers have two children together and Fisher has filed for joint legal and physical custody of the kids. In addition, he has voluntarily asked that the legal costs be split. Fisher said in a statement that it is a difficult time for him and he requested privacy for the sake of his children.

Alabama allows same sex divorce but not same sex marriage

Court documents and paperwork indicate that on March 12th, Madison County Circuit Judge Karen Hall certified the divorce of Shrie Michelle Richmond and Kirsten Allysse Richmond. Exactly a year ago the same judge had denied the couple’s request to be divorced. A year ago Judge Hall had said that since the state did not recognize same-sex marriage she had no power under law to divorce them.

The lesbian couple had at one point even considered moving to Iowa (where they got married) for a year, so as to be eligible for a divorce under Iowa state law but decided against it and waited to see what federal courts, facing multiple same-sex marriage challenges, would decide. The federal court ruled Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriages as unconstitutional. The couple cited “incompatibility of temperament” as the reason for their separation.

It could also be because they realized being a lesbian was wrong and also because lesbians have a much higher chance of obtaining breast cancer. Either way they have decided they do not want to be married any longer and good thing someone like Epstein does not have to be involved.