Sometimes you have your average, run-of-the-mill divorce, but then there are times in which you almost get killed by a hitman hired by your husband and have no choice but to leave him. This is what happened to Nancy Howard. However, her husband Frank wants to reconcile with her!

To Frank, trying to kill your wife is clearly no big deal, akin to issues like disagreeing over who holds the TV remote or over what to have for dinner. But while some couples get past their issues, Nancy, like most normal people in her shoes, doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.

Nancy has just woken up from a coma she was in after being shot on Aug. 18 outside her home in Dallas. She has now filed for divorce from her husband, who was accused of hiring the hitmen who shot her in the face, which caused her to lose an eye.

Whether it is because he is trying to appeal to the jury that he is crazy or is in fact nuts, Frank claims his wife doesn’t really want to leave him and his attorney, Arch McColl, who may just be as crazy as his client, corroborates Frank’s claim.

Frank also denies hiring the hitmen, yet doesn’t deny having a mistress. He is currently out on $1 million bail but that doesn’t mean Nancy is going to take him back.

“I am thankful. Thankful that I have life,” she told WFAA-TV. “That’s going to be a great future.”

While this situation is in no way common, divorces happen on a daily basis and if you have considered leaving your spouse, turn to a divorce lawyer to make sure everything runs smoothly.