Find A Maine Divorce Lawyer and Family Attorney

Filing for divorce can be a lengthy and difficult process, especially when you don’t have the help of an experienced legal professional. If you have considered filing for divorce or legal separation in Maine, there are a few facts you should be aware of in order to ensure your rights are protected. Many times, even couples who are amicable at first end up in bitter disputes over child custody or property division. However, knowing what the legal process of filing for a dissolution of marriage in the state is as well as having a leading divorce lawyer on your side can mean the difference between obtaining your due benefits and forsaking your claim to assets and alimony.

Below are rules and regulations regarding Maine divorce law that all spouses should be aware of prior to filing a petition:

Residency Requirements and Where to File the Divorce Petition

In order to file for divorce in Maine, the plaintiff must:

A)     Have resided in good faith in the state for six months prior to commencing the action,

B)      The plaintiff is a resident of Maine and the parties were married in the state,

C)      The plaintiff is a resident of Maine and the parties were residing in the state when the cause of divorce occurred, or

D)     The defendant is a resident of Maine

Legal Grounds for Divorce

In Maine, a divorce may be granted for the following grounds:

  • Irreconcilable differences
  • Adultery
  • Impotence
  • Extreme cruelty
  • Desertion for 3 consecutive years prior to filing for divorce
  • Habitual alcohol or drug use
  • Nonsupport, either because one spouse does not have the ability to provide for the other or because they cruelly refuse or neglect to provide suitable maintenance for the spouse filing the petition.
  • Abusive treatment
  • Mental illness

Why Couples Should Hire a Maine Divorce Attorney

Many things can go wrong when filing for divorce in Maine, which is why it is in each party’s best interest to seek legal help. Maine divorce attorneys handle all aspects of a case, from filling out paperwork to making court appearances. They even serve as mediators between parties to ensure that small disagreements do not escalate into full blown disputes.

But choosing a divorce lawyer in Maine is not such an easy task. There are several legal professionals  in the state so figuring out your ideal attorney can be difficult. But that’s where we step in to help.