Every divorce case features some basic procedures related to things like the initial court filings and property division that cannot be avoided. Learning about this process early and getting prepared will help eliminate any surprises. There are also social issues that can be difficult to tackle, especially for newly divorced parents who have children.   

An advice column for local Maine residents focused on common issues after a divorce that most people are likely to deal with. 

Family therapist speaks with an audience member about her divorce 

The therapist was giving advice to a woman who has children and was nearing the end of her divorce. He attempts to answer several related questions during each segment. 

Issues began when the father of her children was already engaged to another woman shortly after their separation. The children were curious about how they should address their new step mother. She said that they should just call her by her first name and not think about it too much, but asked for help because she did not know how to handle the situation. She had never had to deal with step parents or the thought of other adults establishing any kind of meaningful relationships with her children. 

The response from the therapist was to emphasize the loving relationship that they have with their biological parents and to be a source of stability for them. It is important for them to understand the importance of their relationship with her and their father above anything else. 

Ultimately, he said it should not matter what title is used to refer to a step parent. This is even true if they occasionally end up calling a step parent “mom” or “dad.” Whether they use her real name or something more informal, it should not make a difference. Maintaining the identities and roles of both parents and all of the children that existed before the divorce should help the most. 

Handling a divorce case and moving on without baggage

Because the aftermath of a divorce tends to totally reorganize a person’s life, it is important to do some planning and speak to a legal professional who handles dissolution of marriage proceedings. You will receive guidance regarding how to best prepare for any court hearings, negotiations, and related problems. Keep in mind that a person who can navigate a divorce without any serious problems or lengthy disputes will often enjoy an improved quality of life in a short period of time. The best divorce professionals can help you reach these goals. 

Get assistance during an upcoming divorce

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